16 Good signs in a new relationship or partner

In a healthy relationship, partners do not feel the need to be attached to the buttocks every second আসলে in fact, their personality and independence should be valued and encouraged. Couples who are overly dependent on each other run the risk of becoming cohabitant, which can put a strain on both the person and their relationship.

“Leaving the journey of self-discovery – at least some of which must happen alone – leaving one of the richest dimensions of our lives. And our partnership will suffer as we do,” said psychotherapist Ken Page, LCSW, recently mbg.

So, if your partner supports your personal growth, hobbies, friendships and normal life outside of your relationship, it is definitely a green flag. They give you space to nurture other parts of your life that are not involved with them and they are happy to encourage you as you pursue your personal goals and pleasures.

Similarly, if your partner has strong, lasting relationships, hobbies and goals outside of you, this is a good sign. This makes them less likely to rely on you and your relationship for happiness – which is a good thing! No matter how much you fall in love, it is too much responsibility for a person to be responsible for the feeling of wholeness.

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