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6 Best Warm Composting Bin of 2022 + How They Work

Lauren David

mbg contributor

By Lauren David

mbg contributor

Lauren David is a Chilean-American freelance writer. He writes about gardening, food, health and wellness and sustainability. He has appeared in Allrecipes, Greatist, The Healthy, The Kitchn and many more.

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May 29, 2022

Ready to turn your food scraps into compost without too much effort? Consider vermicomposting, or worm composting — a method where worms break down organic waste into a nutrient-rich soil modifier, often called black gold.

If you are ready to start your vermicomposting journey, these are the best warm composter bins to get you started.

What insect composting bins do.

"A warm composting bin provides a closed environment where worms, usually red wigglers, eat scraps of your leftover food and emit what is known as casting," explains Matt Edelston, a gardener with more than 20 years of experience and founder of Gardening Vibe. "Worm molds are rich in nutrients, making them an ideal organic fertilizer for growing plants."

A worm bin can be as simple as a plastic container with a lid, or as complex as a multi-layered bin with different compartments and features.

Although you can save money by building your own bin, Chia-Ming Ro, a garden consultant and owner of Coastal Homestead, explains that buying a pre-made one is "predictable." Considering that an obsolete bin can rarely leave room for air to enter — or not enough space for air flow বেছে choosing a pre-made one will set you up better for success from the start.

Worm composting bins also come with many optional features, such as stackable trays or spigots, which can be difficult to design yourself.

How to choose your bin.

When you decide which compost bin is best for you, the first step is to think about how to use it. "It's a good idea to consider how much space you need to keep the bin, the amount of food scrap and how much you want to detach the look," Edelston said.

You may want to keep your bin in a cool place away from direct sunlight; Either inside a basement or garage, or outside on a covered porch. Some bins are more suitable for indoor living and others are designed for outdoor

Conditions are important when it comes to working the magic of nature, so you should also think about your acquaintance with vermicomposting. "Some bins help keep you moist, well-drained and well-ventilated without the necessary intervention from you, increasing the likelihood of rapid compost production," Edelston explains.

Finally, consider the size of the bin. "Ideally, you have two bean bins that allow worms to move freely from one to the other," Rowe said.

"Stackable bins can process a lot of food scrap and have a small footprint," Edelston explained. "But if you live in an apartment, you may want a smaller model with less trays than some large bins suitable for the outdoors or for a home with garage space."

How we pick

Our list is verified by vermicomposting experts who are familiar with the process.

Whether you're looking to shell out or save, our list has a bin for your budget.

Whether you want to proudly display your bin in the garden or keep it wisely in your garage, here is an option for you.

Since everyone has their own space constraints, we've made sure to provide a variety of bean sizes and shapes.

Mbg picks for the best worm compost bin of 2022:


  • Easy to use
  • Quickly comes together


  • Good for outdoor use, as it can leak

If you are new to worm composting or simply want a simple set-up, consider this warm bag. "This easy-to-use vermicomposting bin enables you to process a lot of scrap without messing with the trays," says Edelston. "You just put the bed down and add food scraps on top."

Typically, castings are ready in 4 to 6 months, and all you have to do is unzip the bottom and let them fall into a tray or bucket.

"This vermicompost bin is small enough to fit in the corner of your kitchen or on a small porch," Edelston said. "The bin comes with detailed instructions, is easy to set up, and comes with everything you need to get started, including cocoa coir bedding (but not worms)."

The advantage of this compact size is that you can easily move it from one location to another if needed. And thanks to the smooth design, it's not clear if the worm is living inside.


  • Expandable
  • Fits a lot of scraps

If you want to process a lot of food scrap, "this stackable vermicomposting bin has the biggest potential on the market," Edelston said. It also has the advantage that you can add an extra two trays to the initial four, so you have enough space for all your food scraps.


  • Expandable
  • Fits a lot of scraps


  • Not suitable for indoor use

This stackable worm compost bin comes with five trays and the option to add more, as well as a built-in spigot for draining excess liquid. There's also a special bonus feature: "The 'shoes' fitted around the product's feet are especially useful for using this bin in your backyard," says Edelston. "When the water fills up, they prevent ants from getting inside and killing your insects."

Best for those who don't like worms: subpod composting systems and worm farms

Subpod composting system and worm firm

View on Amazon | $ 139


  • Fits a lot of scraps
  • Easy to use


  • Not suitable for indoor use

If you are screaming around worms or you are not sure if you are ready to communicate with them, this is the composter for you. This is a two-chamber bin that can be placed inside your soil or a raised garden bed. “Worms can come and go as they please [it] Turning compost is not required, ”Ro said.

Edelston added that it was "a very hands-off solution, because you don't have to empty the container to collect the casting." Also, it doubles as a small bench in the garden, holding up to 150 pounds for a new powerful latch design.

Want to start vermicomposting but don’t want to be clear if you have pet worms? "The Orbelive vermicomposter has the most stylish design on the market, making it a good choice for people with limited space," Edelston said.

The lightweight bin is easy to move and has a smooth and elegant design that you will be interested in showing inside or outside the house. Although small, there is an option to expand four from two trays depending on your needs.

How do you start your bin?

Once you've got your bean and ordered your worms, you can begin the process by filling the worm's bean with a mixture of food scraps (green and brown) and a mixture of "bed" such as shredded paper, cardboard, straw, straw, and dried leaves. Dirt, or wood chips.

Worms can eat a variety of food scraps, including fruit and vegetable scraps and coffee grounds, but avoid giving them citrus fruits, animal and dairy products. The key to maintaining your bed is to make sure it always contains the right amount of food (and therefore moisture). When the system is out of balance, it will start to smell. Here is a complete primer to start feeding your bin.

Mix the ingredients in your bin periodically to loosen and prevent odors, and with any luck, you'll have black gold on your hands for a while.

How long does it take to compost with worms?

One of the main differences between worm composting and traditional composting is related to speed. "Earthworm composting is faster than traditional composting and you get the added benefit of worm casting (e.g. pop)," Rowe said.

Typically, you only need to dedicate 30 minutes a week and do the casting in 3-6 months. And how many worms can eat on an average per day? "One pound of worms can eat about 1/2 pound of food a day," said Rowe

Tips and tricks to try.

Here, Edelston and Rowe share their best tips for anyone wanting to go through this with a warm bean:

  • "To increase the speed at which insects produce vermicompost, your bin should be kept between 15-25 degrees Celsius," says Edelston.
  • "Put your food scraps in a sealed container before adding them to the vermicompost bin," Edelston said. "This prevents flies from laying eggs in food and keeps them away from your bin."
  • Ro explains to avoid "adding too much citrus or onion together".
  • “If your worms are slow to eat the food scraps you give them, try to cut them into small pieces. This usually helps them process the scrap faster, "Edelston explained.
  • Worm beans should not be smelled. If it does, it's an indication that something went wrong. "A balanced compost should have no bad odor," Rowe said


Worm composting sounds terrible, but with the right bin, it can be quite painless. Choose a bin from this list that fits your needs and is ready to live more sustainably by converting your food waste into gold.


Here are 4 signs that you are becoming defensive from couple therapists

Listen, we're all there. It's a natural instinct to try to protect yourself from a threat, whether that threat is a saber-toothed tiger leaping from the bush at us or your wife asking you why laundry has never been done today.

But the problem is, conservatism is the anathema for connection. When we defend ourselves in a conversation, it is usually at the expense of our partner as their needs and emotions are important. We prioritize protecting our ego rather than taking care of our partners and our relationships.

“There are very few situations where we really have to defend our point of view. Rather, we are driven to do so by the desire to be right, "Arnash wrote in mbg. "At the moment, we are clinging to the ego, which acts as a barrier to authentic communication and connection."

Defensiveness can have catastrophic consequences for a relationship. According to research by psychologist John Gottman, Ph.D., self-defense is one of the four communication habits - called "four horse riding" - associated with an increased likelihood of divorce.

“Stuck to explain why one person’s point of view is right and why the other person is wrong is the most unhealthy communication dynamic that people can enter into a relationship,” Arnsh explains.


A secret technique that makes the eye look bigger and covers circles

In a video shared on TikTok, the makeup artist explains the talent tip to make your eyes look bigger. He started the video by putting two different concealers on either side of his face.

On the one hand, his concealer is applied in a horizontal line under his eyes, blending downwards. "It will give you the opposite dark circle effect. That means it is going to create this area [of the face] It looks like it's coming out and it makes your eyes look a lot smaller, "he says.

So now here's the simple trick you came up with: On the other side of his face, he applied concealer in a vertical line from the inner corner of his eye to the center of his nose. In addition, he added a small dab of concealer in the outer corner of his eye. She then (using only her fingers) blends the concealer into her eyes and eyebrows, as well as over and around the eyes. "When you do this, you mix concealer on the rest of your face and your foundation, and it helps to enlarge and lift the eyes," he says.

For this option, a dewy liquid or soft creamy alternative will probably work best. We like ILIA True Skin Serum Concealer and Kosas Revealer Concealer (but you can also see this list for our other favorites).


Why should you break up if you outsmart your partner

At the cost of it, you can also increase the friendship — and it can be just as easy to ignore as your romantic relationship. Therapist Alyssa "Leah" Mankao, LCSW, previously wrote for MBG, "When you see that you no longer have ordinary things and are no longer interested in hand-to-hand conversation, it is a sign that people of friendship may have outgrown each other." Explains. (This also applies to romantic relationships.)

He adds that it is not uncommon for friends to grow up, especially if you have been friends since childhood - but a long history is not a reason to have a relationship or friendship.

"As we grow and develop, so do our interests, values, morals and ethics. The people we were in the past are often not the people we are now, and sometimes, it means leaving friends who support the old narrative that we once were." Who I was and who I am not now, "he explained.

This is especially true if you feel that special people in your life are not supporting you and who you want to be.

"You may find that these friends may not respect where you are in life and ask you to do something that is no longer compatible with who you are or where you are trying to go," Mankao notes, adding, "That's right. There are times when your values ​​and ethics are no longer aligned with friends; however, when differences in values ​​and ethics prevent you from growing and getting to where you want to go, it is best to choose a circle of friends that supports your growth and encourages the best version of you. . "


Slip spray: What these pillow mists do and our recommendations

Hannah Fry

MBG Assistant Beauty Editor

By Hannah Fry

MBG Assistant Beauty Editor

Hannah Fry is the Assistant Beauty Editor at MindbodyGreen. She holds a BS in Journalism from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and a minor in Women, Gender, and Diversity Studies. Hannah writes in the lifestyle section, including health, wellness, sustainability, personal development, and more.

Image by 12963734 / iStock

May 28, 2022

Morning rituals are common to many, but vary from person to person. Some people prefer to go for a walk in the morning while others find peace by sipping on their morning cup joe. The same is true of evening routines, although they are usually more focused on relaxation and pre-sleep habits. For some, it means writing a few pages in a journal, meditating, or clearing their space.

No matter what evening routine you are going through now, here are some quick steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation. Enter, sleep spray. These fog comes in a plethora of different fragrances and we have chosen the best of the best below. But first let us know what is slip spray and what is not.

What is a "sleeping spray"?

Slip sprays are just pillow mist under another name. These fogs are not sleep aids, but people call them sleep sprays because they tend to associate them with going to bed (ahem, you spray it on your pillow), but they are nothing more than a linen or household product. But just because they're not helpful doesn't mean they don't deserve a place in your routine. They can be part of a larger night routine that sets your night for success. Not to mention, they also used it outside the pillow.

How we picked:

We looked for clean, naturally occurring ingredients in the following slip sprays. We have included products made with naturally occurring botanical essential oils.

We searched for affordable options to include in our roundup list. This means sprays that are initially low cost and long lasting.

We have looked for sleeping sprays that can satisfy a variety of odor preferences. Some are flowers, others are wood, and some are a mixture of both.

Formulas with specific essential oils or notes known to relax the mind and create an environment for restorative rest were preferred.

Pick of mbg for best sleep spray


  • Naturally occurring, clear formula
  • Neutral gender


  • Not recommended for skin use

Lifestyle considerations: Vegan, Cruelty is free, Of flowers, Odyssey

Our fog is designed to create an atmosphere that will calm your senses and take you to a place of rest. Lavender restorer works to create a prime environment for relaxation while sandalwood and Roman chamomile encourage relaxation of body and mind. This blend touches all the important scent profiles for relaxation (more on that later). Place this fog next to your bed and spritz on your pillow before resting your head. Bonus: You can use it as a mediating fog as well as encourage a relaxed mood.

Lifestyle considerations: Vegan, Cruelty is free, Body-safe, Of flowers, Odyssey

If you enjoy the scent of flowers but stay away from lavender then this rose mist is a great option. The sandalwood scent keeps the profile comfortable and perfect for a night out. The scent is delicate which makes it great for use in general spaces. Fog is water-based, so avoid spraying it on leather. If you want to make the fog last longer, spray it directly on the linen with a thick knit, not in the air alone. The formula is safe for the body, so it works great for misting bath towels.


  • Can be very invigorating for some

Lifestyle considerations: Vegan, Cruelty is free, Of flowers

When you go to a spa and take a breath, the sound that follows usually sounds like something Ahhhh This feeling is usually partly associated with the scent, often eucalyptus. This essential oil is a popular pick for stimulating the senses, which makes this fog so great. If you want something that combines the soothing energy of lavender with the refreshing, restorative scent of eucalyptus, look no further. Because eucalyptus has an enhanced scent this fog can be used as a tool to bring the spa to you in the morning.


  • Palo cleans the Santo place


  • Strong scent (if you are looking for something light)

Lifestyle considerations: Vegan, Cruelty is free, Body-safe, Odyssey

This room spray recreates and honors the wood scent of Holy Palo Santo (known as "Holy Wood"). The tree is native to Peru, Ecuador and many Central and South American countries. The wood of the Palo Santo tree has been used in rituals for centuries to cleanse the place of evil energy. This blend specifically adds scents of mint, cypress, eucalyptus, sandalwood and amber. If you like the smell of hard wood, this spray will be your next favorite.


  • No wood odor (for those who want it)

Lifestyle considerations: Vegan, Cruelty is free, Of flowers

If you're looking to get a bang for your buck, this lavender fog will do just that. The scent profile is strong and features floral lavender, chamomile and geranium. Witch Hazel offers cleansing properties that will make your space and linen feel fresh and fragrant. It has 2,000 sprays, so you must keep it on your bedside table for the next few months. This is a great option if you like a strong scent or want to use something around the house.


  • Easy scent (for those who like the mixture)

Lifestyle considerations: Of flowers, Odyssey, Fine scent

If the smell of strong flowers is not your thing, then sage may be a good option. This fog can be used throughout the home to combat any chronic odors and replace them with a calming scent of clary sage. Sage spray works wonderfully as a sleep mist because it enhances relaxation, for those who prefer something different than the smell of flowers. Not sure what kind of scent you like? Go for a sample set to try this scent with a mixture of lavender and eucalyptus. You never know, maybe you'll find your next favorite scent.


  • No lavender (for those looking for it)

Lifestyle considerations: Vegan, Cruelty is free, Odyssey, Fine scent

This fog is a great option if you want to clear your space of odors. This smokeless sage spray helps to revive any dull spot and adds positive energy and a soothing, fresh scent. It has a special base of Vor-Mag ️ ️ water that has been purified, rotated and magnetized to increase energy at higher vibrations. This is ideal for those who use their fog in spiritual practice like meditation.

What to see in a linen fog.

Choosing a perfume is about personal preference - and so is choosing a sleeping mat. If you use this spray on your pillow, you want to make sure it is something you like. However, if you are sleeping with another person or want to use this fog as a room spray, you may want to choose something more universal. Fortunately, many of these fog have a mild odor, so you can make it based on how much fog you want to smell.

There are some ingredients to contribute to a comfortable environment (many of which you find in spaghetti for this reason). Here are some different things to look for when using fog, especially when sleeping:

  • Lavender: This essential oil has been used for centuries in families around the world to create a peaceful environment. Now grown worldwide, it is native to the Mediterranean, the Arabian Peninsula and Russia.
  • Chamomile: If you enjoy a cup of chamomile tea before bed, you should also look for this ingredient in your sleep fog. The scent of this flower is soft and gentle, which is perfect for relaxing the mind. If you are sensitive to irresistible odors, look for a mist with this soft odor to encourage relaxation.
  • Clay wood: When looking for a blend of scents, earthy wood can match any floral blend. Sandalwood has a special historical significance in various meditative rituals. The rich scent also helps the airy flowers of the soil.
  • Light flowers: Although lavender is popular for sleeping sprays, not everyone is in favor of this scent. If you are looking for something different but still prefer a floral profile, look for rose, jasmine or neroli oil instead.

MBG review process.

In MBG, high values ​​are achieved — and there are no shortcuts. Our beauty editors stay up to date on the latest ingredients research and innovation. It's a dynamic, constantly evolving space, and it's important that we keep an eye on science so that we can make informed choices about which formulas get our stamp of approval (figuratively speaking).

Our high standards also come from test products — many, many products Our editors and authors rigorously examine and research the products featured in our roundups to offer you the best, most informed recommendations. When we write reviews, you can believe that we spend quality time with formulas: we are not just overwhelmed with the products left behind. We approve of products we have tried and liked

Learn more about our testing process and the quality of clean beauty here.


While sleep sprays may not directly help you sleep better, they do have the potential to create an environment that promotes rest and relaxation. If you want to use it before going to bed, look for ingredients like light flowers, earthy wood, lavender and chamomile to help relax the mind. Although many of these products are intended for pre-bed use, there are many more creative ways to use sleeping spray outside of the bedroom.


Effective makeup primers are about improving skin health

Here's the kicker, though: you don't have to use primer as well as foundation. See, effective primers create a protective layer on your skin, which is a barrier not only to makeup but to the world around you. For example, Exa's Jump Start Smoothing Primer contains antioxidants, such as CoQ10 and fatty acids from raspberry extract. It helps fight free radicals and protects your skin from environmental attackers such as pollution and blue light.

A unique primer can also help lock and seal moisture in all of your skin care - an idea Chan refers to as “daytime slugging”. He mentions: “I learned this technique while I was in Asia (where pollution can get really bad some days). To prevent breakouts, dehydrated skin or weak skin from contamination, many girls wear primer every day, even on days without makeup.

"Blurring" has become a major buzzword, but today's textures are even more enticing, as they rely on plant-based polymers to achieve feather lighting, a satin finish. "Even as a professional makeup artist, I was skeptical of primer," said Alexandra Compton, Crador's product development manager and makeup artist. “I used to dislike them, especially [cyclic] Silicone-based primers that have an almost astringent effect on the skin. Now, there are many types of primers for any skin type to achieve different finishes. "Use a primer under the eyes to hydrate fine areas and prevent creasing, apply T-zones strategically to absorb oils and fill in fine lines, or finally" your skin , But even better, "Mix it with a color corrector to create an even-toned base," he explains.

Some priming formulas are so silky, in fact, they even act as skin augmentation substitutes. "Matifing and obscure benefits are provided to hide many imperfections and reduce the appearance of pores," says Zechner. Although they are not a product of every color, they do not actually leave a trace, and thus do not have a range of shades - calm, bright and matting botanicals help them to disguise any spots, fine lines or redness. In other words: these are the ultimate skin care-makeup hybrid, perfect for those days when you want a whisper of coverage. Chan shared the feeling: "Our customers have noticed that they no longer need to cover their skin with redness to achieve a uniform, radiant skin tone."


What to drink to calm the nerves: 7 drinks to try

While it may be tempting to take a cocktail or wine glass off the edge after a long day, it can quickly have the opposite effect.

"Alcohol is a nervous system depression, but it can actually cause anxiety and low mood, despite initially relieving perceived stress," says Danny Gordon, MD, UK-based double board-certified medical doctor and author. CBD Bible.

At a microscopic level, alcohol consumption stimulates the release of the stress hormone cortisol. "Basically, alcohol is able to activate the nerves and create a fight-or-flight response that is the exact opposite of being calm and relaxed," Rose explains.

And while it's true that drinking alcohol before bed can make you feel sleepy, it won't give you the restorative zzz that we all need to feel the best.

Harry explains: "Alcohol works on GABA receptors (they release neurotransmitters to help our bodies naturally relax) and initially creates a calm feeling, but research and experience indicate the fact that alcohol can disrupt sleep patterns. Which makes it less refreshing. Sleep at night and wake up more often. "

The moral of the story: Drinking alcohol can help ease the nerves at the moment, it will not do you any good for long term stress management and resilience building.


How Vitamin D and Calcium Work Together to Support Healthy Bones *

"It's the body's desire to maintain homeostasis (a certain, balanced amount) of calcium levels," explained Jessica Cording, MS, RD, CDN, a registered dietitian and MBG Collective member.

"This means that 24/7 your body is trying to get back to its baseline," added dietitian Gabriel Tafur, MS, RD, LDN. Vitamin D increases the absorption of calcium needed to maintain blood levels in a relatively tight range. *

Over the past few decades, researchers have realized that vitamin D causes it in three ways.

First (and central method): Increases intestinal calcium absorption (we take from food, drink and supplements) to shuttle the calcium you get into the bloodstream from these inputs. "The main function of vitamin D in calcium control is to increase the absorption of calcium from the intestines, which is a major source of absorption of most micronutrients," Tafur explains.

Basically, "when serum calcium levels are low, vitamin D stimulates increased calcium absorption from the intestines so that calcium does not escape from the bones," * adds Cording. It's smart like that.

How vitamin D works is a little more complex than eye contact, and research suggests that it interacts with intestinal stem cells, regulating the cells that affect intestinal wall barrier function, and more. *

In addition to these basic intestinal functions, vitamin D can also work to pull calcium from the bones and (along with parathyroid hormone) signals the kidneys to retain calcium. *

Ashley Jordan Ferreira, PhD, RDN, Vice President of Scientific Affairs at MBG, summarizes, "The vitamin D / calcium relationship has been simplified for intestinal absorption. , Calcium homeostasis through a simultaneous process. "*

Ferreira says this vitamin-mineral partnership is crucial because calcium is needed for our entire body cells. "Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body. It is the cellular gateway for cellular signaling and communication. In fact, it looks like strong bones, compressed muscles (including your heart!), Nerve impulses, and much more." *


What to eat for a healthy gut

That said, while some foods may generally be classified as "intestinal healthy foods," you also need to consider any potential food intolerances that may be unique to you. This type of intolerance can contribute to a "loose" or permeable intestinal wall - a phenomenon that many functional health experts also refer to as "intestinal permeability" or "bloated bowel".

"When the permeability of the intestinal lining is changed, it allows toxins, bacteria and foreign substances such as indigestible food particles to enter the bloodstream with nutrients," family medicine physician Bindiya Gandhi, MD, previously told mbg. It can also cause digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune problems, food allergies and even joint pain.

And while your diet is important, it's not the only thing that can promote imbalance. "There are many factors - both social and structural, environmental and behavioral, which can affect intestinal health," said Pasquilillo, who prefers to refer to "social determinants of health models" to get a more holistic view. Proximity and access to nutritious food in the area where you live, level of education, food quality / agriculture, pollution and water quality can all contribute to intestinal problems, he said.

On an individual level, some of the other things that can negatively affect your gut include:


Mood Support, Hormonal Balance and Other Amazing Vitamin C Benefits *

Ashley Jordan Ferira, a Ph.D. "The fact is that young people versus adults are more likely to have poor vitamin C status (e.g., blood levels of serum ascorbic acid), so pay close attention to your eyes and these essential micronutrients," he said. Especially important in life. "*

Why? As it turns out, your eyes are constantly breaking down, synthesizing and making new cells, and this allows free radicals to thrive if not checked. "Therefore, the eye needs additional antioxidant protection from free radicals and reactive oxygen species," Holtzer said. "Vitamin C may provide that antioxidant protection." *

According to Scott Kettley, RD of Kettle Medical Nutrition Therapy, Vitamin C helps keep the natural lens of the eye clean and maintains visual health as we age, thanks to its antioxidant action. *

A Ophthalmology A survey of 5,638 participants over the age of 60 in India found that vitamin C status was inversely linked to eye-health concerns. * In other words, the more vitamin C they had, the more likely they were to maintain healthy eyesight. *

The funny thing is, the Ophthalmology Studies have shown that other antioxidants (ie, lutein, xanthine, retinol, beta-carotene and alpha-tocopherols) have a positive effect on participants' eye health, and these antioxidant compounds provide deep vision and clarity. *