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How to get to Neptune Retrograde, from an astrologer

Stuck in the idea of ​​reviewing and processing, Bud notes that Neptune retreats are a great time to examine your dreams, open your heart, overcome pain, and relieve pain. "We are also invited to explore the ways in which we confuse or deceive ourselves and to avoid responsibility or reality (such as substance abuse, fantasy, excessive TV or other distractions)," he added.

And FYI, sometimes things get worse before they get better. As Bud explains, Neptune can exacerbate problems before retrograde problems, or increase confusion before we can find clarity. However, they can also trigger spiritual insights, intuitive awakening and expansion, he says.

So, the question is, how can we make the most of this transit? According to Bud, you will want to find out where the 25th degree of Pisces falls on your birth chart and find out which house it is in. "Changes in the 22nd to 25th degree house of Pisces will have the opportunity to think about ideas, and the insights that happened in the last seven months of Neptune's direct motion," he says. (For example, if this setback happens in your second House of Finance and Security, you probably use the time to plan a budget.)

"If you fail to take sufficient action on something important [while Neptune was direct]You will have the opportunity to review what happened and try again (or be ready to try again), "Bud said, adding," Reflect on the insights gained during this time and the steps still needed for that new understanding to play in your life. "

And no matter where this retrospective falls on your chart, Bud usually advises using this Neptune retreat to deepen your spiritual connection with yourself and get ready to reveal your current dreams to the world.


How regenerative agriculture goes beyond sustainability

As Macintosh explained to me in such episodes, three arrow figures: one point down, one point beside, and one point up. These arrows are essentially the environmental health of the planet.

The arrow pointing down represents what some modern day companies do and have been doing for years. “These are companies that go to places, harvest whatever the mines or resources are, leave pollutants, cut down trees, erode the soil and then leave after acquiring what they can,” he explains. "In most modern capitalism and recent human history we've been really skilled at doing this: taking something from the earth, turning it into something to use, and then throwing it away as waste."

And then we can get sustainable arrangements — or horizontally directed arrows. "It simply came to our notice then. And if your land is in a good place - healthy, and productive - then it works, "he says." But if you start in a bad place - the land is ruined - it won't work. "

Basically when we talk about “sustainability” most of us mean the best, we are at a stage where we have to do more. This is where regenerative exercises come into play. “It’s the final arrow, which we’re going up,” he says. "And it's in this case, a symbol of the health of a place or a community - it's the work of bringing life back to that place."

Want to know how we can do it? Well, you have to tune in to find out. Watch the episode below for more Intel.


How to work with the power of the June new moon in cancer

The new moon of June in Cancer will land in the sky on this 26th Tuesday, EST at 11pm. We certainly won't be able to see it, since the moon sits in full shadow when it's new - but that doesn't mean we won't feel the effects.

And for this special new moon, cancer themes will be a priority, from family relationships to your place at home. And however, cancer has already been ruled by the moon, so you can consider it a double dose of lunar energy.

In terms of what this moon can gain from us, the sensitive sign of the crab tells us to dig deeper and ask ourselves what really makes us feel safe, secure and comfortable. And with Jupiter (the planet of fortune and expansion) being the square of the Moon in Aries, the urge to correct those areas may seem, well, urgent.

Not to mention, Mars, the planet of aggression and action, the planet of rebirth will square Pluto, so don’t be surprised if this new moon seems more intense than the others. Pluto has a skill that looks long in our mirror and Mars will then want to do something about it.

After all, the new moon is a time to start fresh and plant seeds — just make sure you don't get caught up in the sensitivity of cancer, if things start to seem overwhelming. There is no harm (or shame) in taking it easy in this new moon and Cancer in general.


Why sitting can cause body tension + a supplement to help *

Flaxseed oil, for example, is full of beneficial plant compounds called phytocannabinoids, which can increase relaxation throughout the body, including tense muscles. * You've probably heard of flaxseed's most well-known cannabinoid, CBD.

In preclinical studies (rats), CBD and its cannabinoid derivatives have been shown to aid in a healthier inflammatory response and healthier joints. Delivery is an exciting field of emerging research. *

Some researchers suspect that the phytocannabinoids found in flaxseed work similarly to what the body naturally makes (aka endogenous cannabinoids) during exercise. You will get after a good run. *

Mindbodygreen's cool + supplement combines cannabinoid-rich USDA- and EU-certified organic flaxseed oil with two other cool herbs: horseradish extract and lavender oil. * The result is a daily supplement that can help the body feel somewhat balanced, no matter how fun. It gets stuck in position. *

While calm + can help combat the effects of sitting all day, it won't cure them. * Be sure to associate it with the right posture (here are some PT-approved tips for your cleansing), occasional movement breaks, and stretches that Improving mobility by focusing and reducing stiffness to stop the pains of that deskside.


A beauty editor has reviewed Lip Left which has helped heal her pout

This brings me to another dilemma: it really takes a special kind of formula to hydrate the lips, which I haven’t found yet. The standard lip balms I test for contain a lot of cooling ingredients - such as menthol, camphor and peppermint - for a soothing sensation, but they can evaporate quickly and lead to more dryness down the street. Similarly, salves containing only the humectant (which effectively pulls water on your thirsty lips) can evaporate easily without any barrier to retain moisture, which makes your lips drier than before.

A winning lip balm requires lots of humicants, emollients and clusters — so it can pull in water, can block the skin, And Trap all valuable moisture without any potential irritation for sensitive lips. And the Leap Left Trump of Mindbodygreen on all fronts. Hyaluronic acid helps to thicken the lips with moisture, as a dry sponge instantly rises under water; We chose sodium hyaluronate (a salt form of HA) because it has a lower molecular weight and can penetrate deeper into the skin.

For emollients, you’ll find shea and cocoa butter to smooth out any cracked, rough spots. Moringa seed oil contains antioxidants and fatty acids to nourish your skin, thus keeping the lips soft. And, finally, sunflower seed wax provides a protective barrier on the skin without too much adhesive texture. Not only is this a high-quality vegetarian alternative to wax, sunflower seed wax also leaves a very light glaze on your pout for a perfect satin-like finish.

When I open the tube and glide it, it becomes smooth effortlessly. Our beauty director Alexandra Engler has described applications like “wrap yourself in a cashmere blanket” and honestly? I couldn't agree more: the number of luxurious threads on the left of this lip seems to be 1,000.

But back to the million-dollar question: does it work? Ever since I tested this balm, my lips feel comfortable and nourished - and without any irresistible flakes for my tearing, I have noticed that my picking habit has actually started to ebb. This lack of self-surgery combined with the natural skin-softening ability of the left has allowed my lips to really heal. Never before has skin been so smooth, supple and even felt.


Exactly how much collagen you lose per year, based on research

How much collagen you lose annually is affected by a variety of factors, especially your age: starting in your mid-20s, the balance between how much you are producing and how many tips you are losing. "Our bodies always balance collagen production and degradation," Gary Goldenberg, MD, a board-certified dermatologist, told us about collagen damage. "When we are young, our body produces more collagen than it breaks down. That balance goes wrong with age as tissue regeneration decreases."

After you cross this threshold (which is influenced by genetics), you lose about 1% of your collagen each year. But it’s not the only thing that affects your collagen loss rate. For beginners, several habits accelerate the loss of collagen.

Smoking and unprotected UV exposure are the main causes: a study observed collagen under UV light and found that there was a "significant reduction" in collagen formation later on. In the case of smoking, it is obviously problematic for a number of reasons, but for the skin: "Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen supplied to the tissues. Therefore, the tissues cannot regenerate and are more likely to be degraded," Goldenberg said. But looking at other habits can be quite hypocritical: daily stress, high-sugar foods, insufficient sleep, and even the use of very aggressive topical ingredients can all contribute to collagen damage.

Finally, major (life-related) changes in hormones and hormone production will change your collagen production. Especially menopause. Those who experience menopause experience a dramatic reduction (about 30%) in collagen production during that time.


11 things to talk about on a first date to spark a connection

Don’t feel like you have to jump straight into a search as soon as the first date starts. Deeper conversations will come more naturally when you have established a somewhat basic relationship between you.

When you arrive on a first date, try to start a casual conversation from the context in which you are. For example, if your date chooses the restaurant you're in, ask him if he's been here before, how he discovered the place, and what he likes about it. Or if you're at a bar that specializes in bizarre cocktails, ask him questions about his drinks and share your own. You can also talk about what part of the city you are in and how much time you have spent in this area, an interesting article on clothing or jewelry on your date, or where they came from before meeting you.

From there, let the conversation flow naturally — maybe they'll point out how hard it is to find good Thai places in the city you're in, or a good friend who brought them here before, or how much they like to eat outside Pay attention, ask follow-up questions and offer your own thoughts or stories that relate to your date just shared.

Some people refer to this type of conversation as "small talk," but the key to making it feel lively and interesting is actually leaning towards any opportunity to start sharing what the other person is sharing and unique details about yourself. These early revelations and early relationship-builds will oil the gears so that the following conversation will feel easier and more normal.


How high levels of DHA can make your B vitamins more effective

To examine the relationship between DHA levels and the brain-support efficacy of vitamin B supplements, the study analyzed 191 adults aged 65 and over who were given different amounts of folic acid, vitamin B12, or a placebo alternative for two years.

It conducted a baseline cognitive test at the beginning of the study and was tested with another test of the two-year mark. These tests looked at benchmarks for memory recall, speed reading, digit matching, and character fluency. In addition to these tests, participants' physical health information was also collected.

The results revealed that participants who had high levels of DHA in their bodies experienced a higher nootropic effect (i.e., cognitive protection) than their B-vitamin supplement methods, especially folic acid and vitamin B12.

But how does one achieve a high level of DHA? Well, since our body is unable to produce a significant amount of DHA (i.e., because another omega-3 fat known as ALA can only be converted to a minimal amount of DHA), we must accept it.

Our country has a wide omega-3 gap, so deliberate dietary and marine omega-3 supplements such as DHA and EPA are important to overcome this inadequacy and reap the countless benefits (including brain-centric) of these unique and healthy fats. . *


Why Melatonin Doesn’t Help You Sleep + What to Take Instead

A combination of magnesium bisglycinate, the main mineral of the formula, magnesium and the amino acid glycine. Studies have found glycine to improve sleep quality and nervous function, while magnesium, an essential macrominal, has been shown to support our circadian rhythms and to calm the mind and body to medically improve rest and sleep. *

And with magnesium bisglycinate, sleep aid + also contains jujube seed extract, a fruit that has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine, as well as PharmaGABA®, a natural form of the amino acid neurotransmitter. Both that help people fall asleep faster — and help them sleep longer — make this special combination no-brainer. *

If you need more conviction, get it from Amy Shah, MD, a Double Board-certified Integrative Medicine Doctor, who told MBG that sleep support + when it comes to quality sleep: "[I] Used to take melatonin at night but found that it often did not work. Mindbodygreen’s natural, gentle sleep support + formula has effectively solved my sleep problems. The unique combination of magnesium bisglycinate, zucchini and pharmacABABA® brings relaxation and serenity and helps me maximize my sleep quality, "she says.


How much DHA do you need during pregnancy?

It's a little complicated. Currently, according to the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academy, ALA has an established daily nutritional requirement: 1,100 mg per day for adult women and 1,600 mg per day for adult men. (To put this number in perspective, a serving of walnuts contains 2,600 mg of ALA.)

Technically, there is no established recommendation for DHA dosage, although nutritionist Ashley Jordan Ferreira, Ph.D. Researchers, doctors and nutritionists alike want to share. "

"While we wait for that recommendation to be issued, we can share what science and clinical consensus are," Ferreira added. Speaking of clinical compliance, doctors generally recommend that pregnant women consume 200 mg of DHA a day, Graves said. You can also find DHA in certain antenatal multivitamins or as a separate, distinct omega-3 supplement.

On the diet front, The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that people eat at least two servings (i.e., eight to 12 ounces) of fish or shellfish a week for their EPA and DHA content before they become pregnant. And during breastfeeding.

Indeed, the final evidence from several reputable organizations suggests taking adequate daily DHA during pregnancy. "Researchers from the WHO and the European Perinatal Health Association, as well as respected ACOGs and more than 20 years of previous research, clinical consent aligned with taking a minimum of 200 to 300 milligrams of omega-3 DHA per day during pregnancy and lactation," Ferreira shares.