3 AAPI Beauty Founders How Their Culture Inspires Their Brand

On learning to love its heritage.

“I grew up as an Asian American, and for the longest time when I was younger, I didn’t really love my Asian background. I was kind of ashamed of the background I had, “said Connie Lowmbg, co-founder of Three Ships Beauty.

Over the years, Loe felt disconnected from her tradition and longed for something she saw as “normal” at the time. To her, this means something different than the natural practice that her mother taught her. “When I was younger, I thought it was really frustrating, because I was like, ‘Give me a simple medicine,’ or ‘Let me use a simple shampoo,'” says Lowe.

When he started fighting acne as a teenager, Low faced two options: he could consult his mother and choose an all-natural remedy, or he could try to figure it out himself and look for other resources. He chose the latter.

Lowe went to the drugstore and bought all the acne-resistant products she could find, just to deal with the irritation and dryness. Items bought from the store did the opposite of what she promised to cleanse her skin and created more problems for her skin barrier.

After a while, Lowe decides to give natural alternatives a shot – and to her surprise, her skin responds with compassion. A hero ingredient he used was green tea which he noted is significant in Asian culture for all sorts of purposes. This transformation is where Lo began to explore natural remedies as a person and began to love her heritage as a Chinese woman.

Now, as a co-founder of a natural-first skin care company, Lo called on her mother’s knowledge of natural remedies to create effective but gentle skin care products for everyone. One product that has a special place in his heart is their dew drop mushrooms due to hyaluronic acid and vitamin C serum. Aha moment He experienced during formulation.

Lowe sat down to chat with her mother about the new serum that was the work of her and Three Ships co-founder Laura Bargate. When she shared that the hyaluronic acid in the new serum was found in Tremla mushrooms, her mother was surprised. Little did Lo know that his mother had been using these mushrooms in recipes since childhood. Her mother proceeded to pull out a huge bag of Tremla mushrooms from the kitchen cabinet: “Look, look!”

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