3 Amazing Things That Can Affect Your Intestinal Health

“Our function depends and is closely linked to the work of our environment,” Bland says. Just as there are trillions of bacteria in your gut, there are many bugs in the ecosystem around you — if not more. Take soil, for example: dirt has a lot of microbial life, rich in nutrients and healthy minerals that make our favorite vegetables so nutritious. “Just as we have gut microbiome, healthy soil has its own unique microbiome of a healthy plant,” Bland notes.

But since conventional farming practices erode soil organic matter and life, those farms are not producing food that can be as nutritious as it could be. Instead, our gut microbiome is not getting the variety of nutrients they want, which means your gut health may not be as good as it could be.

“When the system is in an unbalanced state, every element of that interconnection is affected., Which is related to food, which is related to people and their health, ”explains Bland. “When our environment is disturbed, we are disturbed – our genes are disturbed, and they fight as an alarm response called inflammation.”

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