3 Laser Hair Removal Tips From Top Dermatologists

What are your undisputed beauty tips? In our series Essential beauty, We tap experts for the top three strategies that they absolutely swear by. Here, you will hear about the failed safe strategies from a variety of industry professionals that they always carry in their back pocket. Wherever you can we are about to simplify your beauty rules and sometimes the best routines are as simple as 1, 2, 3.

As office-in-treatments become more mainstream and professional-grade equipment enters our own bathrooms, interest in high-tech devices grows. One area in particular is growing: the market for laser hair removal is growing at a rate of just under 20% per year. Interest comes mainly from home devices, advanced professional technology and (somewhat) low cost.

But there are precautions with any treatment. In a recent episode of Clean Beauty School, I spoke with Tiffany Clay, MD, a board-certified dermatologist. The episode itself was extensively about hair removal, but we spent a lot of time on lasers in particular.

Although a fan of the Clay method (he himself has received a few treatments and considered it a “gold standard”), he notes that it is not without its imperfections. Here, three things he thinks every patient should know.

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