3 Money Mindset Changes to Reduce Financial Anxiety from Experts

It is very common to avoid what you are worried about. We all do it. But unless you address these uncomfortable feelings, you will not be able to cope with your financial worries. Whether you realize it or not, those concerns are influencing your decisions.

“When it comes to making decisions, we basically have two different brains that think very differently: a thinking brain that is driven by reason and reasoning and a feeling brain that is driven by emotion. [Roughly] 90% of our decisions can be made on a subconscious level within the sensory part of the brain. Guess this part of the brain is active? That’s right- this is a concern, “said Brent Weiss, a founding member of Facet Wealth and a certified financial planner. “And money is the number one cause of anxiety and stress. Its common thoughts can trigger anxiety which triggers feelings in the brain which can lead to unhealthy behavior. It’s a terrible domino effect.”

Weiss notes that the trigger for anxiety is different for each person – but often takes shape around our childhood, how our parents dealt with money, any money-related trauma we’ve experienced in the past, and so on.

“Not everyone feels this way, but we all feel it, and these feelings drive the decisions we make every day,” Weiss explained. “And overcoming anxiety does not mean eliminating it completely. Rather, it is about controlling it and harnessing its power to make better, healthier decisions.”

So if the first step is recognition, what will happen? How can we embrace those poor feelings and turn them into prosperity? So glad you asked.

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