3 personality traits to look for in a faithful self-confident person

Slapian shares that the first characteristic of seeing is empathy: “As you can imagine, these are people who are caring, unjust and sympathetic,” he said. “These people have a lot to offer in terms of secrecy.” It is understandable — a sympathetic self-confident person is able to hear your problem completely, with the intention of understanding, without getting himself into the problem.

Here’s where Slapian surprises us: The second characteristic he says to look for is perseverance. “People like to rely on people they think are strong,” he noted. “This is someone who will push you to do what you have to do.” In addition to sharing outward perspectives, these people can help inspire you to take action on what you need to do, which is especially helpful if your privacy weighs on your conscience.

Now, the last characteristic of a good secret keeper is a little more thematic: “You want to choose someone who will have the same set of morals as you. You don’t want to provoke a strong moral response in your confidants, “says Slapian. I think they’re more likely to tell a third party about that secret as a way to punish what they see as immoral behavior, “Slapian said. No.

On a similar note, make sure your privacy doesn’t get in their way. “Does the secret involve someone they know, so now they have to see what they say around people?” Slapian poses. “If you’re the only person you need to talk to, know that you’re going to complicate things [them]. If you can find someone else, you can overcome these complications by choosing someone from the outside, even if it’s just a little bit. ” May be good to find.

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