3 tips to overcome a workout rat, from a famous marathon

We’ve only discussed the importance of resting your body, if you need that moment. However, Akbar recommends working out every day, if you can — especially if you have a specific fitness goal in mind. Avoidable days can turn into a slippery slope: one day easily turns into two, which turns into three and many more. “[It’s better to] Instead of just missing the day, change what you are doing every day, ”Akbar notes. “It’s more important to stay ahead and take care of yourself, your rest, your hydration …” So instead of avoiding workouts altogether, you might want to practice a few minutes of mindful movement to pump your heart out. That way, you can give your body the rest it needs without having to stop.

Often, starting with just a few minutes of movement can help motivate you to move on in the long run. “If you look at your watch and you think, ‘OK, I’m going to trump for the first five minutes, seven minutes, 10 minutes of this race … whatever that magic timeline is for you, you’re going to get and your Looks like you can do whatever you want, “said Akbar. For many, this is starting a workout that can feel like a chore; But once you get into the flowing state, it’s easy to keep up the pace.

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