5 Spiritual Meaning and Message

Spiritual teacher Alison Charles believes that animals have a way of coming to us when we need to hear their messages the most. “It’s a guide that is trying to come into our lives, trying to get our attention,” he explains.

Charles explains that in the case of prayer, they can present everything from subtlety to prophecy, from thought to thought, as well as vision, prayer, perception, and contemplation.

If they show up around you, it could be a sign that you need to make wise choices and work with precision, deepen your mindfulness practice, or be more patient. This is an animal that encourages us to connect slowly and with inner knowledge and even sharpen our claimant power, Charles tells MBG.

Historically, he adds, the praying mantis actually inspired a form of kung fu martial art. During the Northern Song Period (AD 960-1126), a Chinese kung fu master named Wang Lang was inspired by the movements of the praying mantis after losing a martial arts competition.

“He saw a praying mantis trying to catch a cicada and was inspired by Mantis’s agile demeanor. He is said to have collected the praying mantis and taken them back to the Shaolin temple to observe them closely, to create his own form. Animal Power: 100 animals will invigorate your life and awaken your soul.

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