5 types of attraction and how to recognize each

Have you ever been unexpectedly attracted to a book buddy when you’re usually in the wild extrovert type? Or secretly thinking that the new guy you’re dating is going to be just as attractive on the inside as on the outside? Or, do you surprise yourself with the way you feel connected to the soul with your partner?

Although we often think of attraction Physical In a sense, there is more to the realm of attraction than the union of the eyes. In fact, the most common types of attraction that people experience can be divided into five general categories: sexual, romantic, physical, emotional, and aesthetic.

Interestingly, these five types of attraction can happen together Or Raised on an individual basis. For example, you may be attracted to a person very aesthetically but once you get to know them fairly well, see that there is no emotional or romantic attraction. It is described in detail in my book Date is smart, Attraction can get us better if we are not aware of its subtle power. Our relationships tend to improve when we are consciously aware of how the forces of attraction can work for and against our well-being.

So, let’s talk about each of the five types of attraction and how they can work in all of our interpersonal relationships:

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