6 Best Food Delivery Services for Adults in 2022

Magic Kitchen provides a number of options for a variety of nutritional balanced diets for older adults, as well as low-sodium, low-carb, low-fat, renal diets, and diabetic-friendly diets. When choosing your food, you have two options: a la carte or whole food. The à la carte option allows you to mix and match main courses, soups, side dishes and desserts, while whole meals are ready for heating with a main course and one or two side packages together.

The company also offers what is called a Flex subscription — you buy food for three or six months and then create your menu from there. The process itself is straightforward; You can filter by your dietary preferences and needs, as well as the type of food (breakfast, lunch / dinner, snacks and dessert). You can also choose between single or multiple serving recipes. All meals are prepared by chefs in small batches and then flash-frozen to preserve quality and taste.

Example of food:

Baked tilapia, brown rice and minted carrots

– Beef and broccoli on top of noodles with vegetables

Durability and quality: While not completely organic, Magic Kitchen uses organic products whenever possible and is committed to antibiotic-, pesticide- and hormone-free ingredients. All packaging is environmentally friendly and when you can’t recycle some things, such as food coolers, they are reusable. Magic Kitchen suggests donating their wheels to food if possible.

Price: From 12 per serving

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