6 Ways to Deliver Better Boundaries with Your Time, from an Expert

If you don’t hold your time, your events and responsibilities spread. Some people have no idea what it’s like to respect each other’s time and if you don’t teach them that it means something to you, you can’t blame them. Meanwhile, your annoyance is created. Crowded crowds at events because you couldn’t say no or leave on time, the crazy feeling in your head and the constant apology become tedious. It is a compound interest on the lost time that you pay.

Of course, this is something that everyone can do Technically Endure – like stress, overwhelmed and in perfect health – but why not choose a better way instead of feeling like a time martyr and running empty?

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Permission Say no and yes, sometimes it does Only That’s five minutes daily, or two hours weekly. But the time-energy relationship is inconsistent. If you are scared before that phone call, rolling your eyes (and judging yourself to do it), tired, and buzzing later, then five minutes. Rarely Just five minutes.

Having that empty slot in your calendar doesn’t mean you have to fill it. Buffet on the sidewalk to take someone your time is not what you want. Psychotherapist Terry Cole once wondered, if the burnout epidemic is really a bad border epidemic?

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