9 benefits of group exercise

Have you ever been to a gym and seen a group of 20 people or more working together in one of the adjoining rooms? Have you ever been to a pool and seen a bunch of people doing the same thing together? Have you ever seen an ad for people sitting on your sofa at home and working together?

Looking at all these group exercises you might be thinking, Should I work with a team? What are the benefits of group exercise?

In fact there are lots of fun group workout ideas and countless benefits of working in a group. While the most important benefits to you may differ from the most important to anyone else, it is important to know what they are, so that you can decide if group exercise is right for you. In this guide, we will explore the top 9 benefits of group exercise.

# 1 Group Exercise Can Inspire You

The first of many benefits is that group training can motivate you towards your fitness goals, and sometimes just show up. We always start the year with the best intentions, motivated to start exercising regularly. However, after a few months, the excuses may start to creep up

  • Exercise is hard
  • I’m too tired to go to the gym today
  • My body has been bad since the last time
  • It’s too cold outside
  • I have a lot of work to do
  • Just don’t have enough time
  • Exercise is really hard!

To be fair, all of these legitimate reasons — exercise can be difficult, and we don’t always feel internally motivated to go to the gym. Group exercises can be helpful here.

If you promise to meet a friend for lunch, you may have to cancel for a number of reasons, but you will do your best to make that lunch date because you are committed. Right?

Group exercises work the same way. You are committed to yourself, your trainer, and your group that you will show them how to practice at a certain time. That extra commitment in a group setting can be the motivation you need to move forward with the excuse.

# 2 Group Exercise can help you build healthy habits

In a scientific study conducted in Australia, researchers asked 3,610 young women three things:1

  • The level of their physical activity
  • Their eating habits
  • Social rules around these first two categories

They found that the answer to the final question about social rules was prophetic when it came to the first two answers. What does this mean?

If women are surrounded by people who were normally physically active, they tend to be physically active. If they are surrounded by people who ate healthily, they also tend to eat healthier. And vice versa.

As human beings, we tend to adapt our behavior to meet the behavior of those with whom we are associated. Knowing this, if we want to be healthy, we should hang out with people who are healthy (like people in a group exercise class).

# 3 Group Exercise can help you get the most out of your workout

Do you want to know other things about people? We are naturally competitive, and we all want to be the best. When you work with other people, it’s normal to push yourself a little harder so that you don’t feel bad. This can lead to a better overall gain from your workout.2

Of course, this approach has its limitations. For example, working with the Los Angeles Lakers does not mean that you will be able to sink a basketball. And if you feel like a weak link no matter how hard you try, you may become discouraged. It is important to find a group that is suitable for your fitness level so that you can be inspired in a realistic way.

# 4 Groups can support exercise

Once you find the right group, their support can help you go through a difficult workout.

Since everyone is doing the same exercise, you all know the difficulty of movement. This means you can count on each other to avoid frustrating moments. Finding a non-judgmental, supportive group can go a long way toward doing the exercise you are looking for.

# 5 Group exercises can ensure proper form

Group classes are conducted by expert instructors. Why is that important?

Even basic exercises have lots of technical form elements that help you get the most out of it and avoid injury. Here are some hints you should be aware of when doing push-ups:3

  • Hands slightly outside shoulder width
  • Neutral curve on lower back
  • Core hired
  • Glutes pressed together
  • The scapula is withdrawn (not your shoulder) to make sure your chest starts moving.
  • The elbows bend at about 45 degrees to prevent possible shoulder injuries

It’s already a lot to think about, and you haven’t started the movement yet! Fortunately, it is the instructor’s job to help you know the correct form and perform the exercise correctly. Learning through an expert allows you to avoid injury and get the most out of each exercise.

# 6 Group Exercise can introduce you to new movements

In addition to teaching you the right form, a good trainer may be able to teach you new ways to achieve your goals. For example, they may introduce you to new practices that you can incorporate into your routine.

They can introduce you to new types of exercises that you can enjoy more than you are already doing.

There is nothing wrong with running or lifting weights on a treadmill. But if those traditional exercises bother you, classes can inspire you to try something new that works better for your goals.4

# 7 Group exercises can help you make new friends

In a group exercise class, you’re going to meet people with whom you have at least one interest – the desire to exercise and get well. Over time, these people can become your friends. This can have benefits both inside and outside the gym:5

  • Learning – Many of us learn by watching others, and in group workout classes, you can’t just learn from your instructor. By seeing others in your group (and they are watching you) you may be able to help each other with issues that your coaches may miss.
  • Breaking the barrier – It’s not just the lack of motivation that keeps us away from the gym. Sometimes, life gets in the way, but a group of friends can help. This help comes in the form of a ride offer while you’re at your car dealership or a class tape for you so you don’t miss a day, your new friends can help you overcome life’s obstacles.
  • Socialization – Your new friendship gym won’t be teased by itself. Outside of the gym, you can have a drink with your group or go to the movies together. After all, the fun part of group exercise is Team Material

Group # 8 provides exercise structure

Another thing that is easy to ignore is how we structure our exercise sessions. When we are on our own, we can feel the pressure for a while and eventually avoid our warmups, shorten our exercises or relieve our chills. This can save us time, but it can also lead to less effective sessions and higher chances of injury.

By having a set start and end time, as well as having a consistent structure, group classes take away our ability to make short changes to ourselves. They keep us safe from our (sometimes misguided) shortcuts.

# 9 Group offers a variety of exercises

Do you know the frozen yogurt shops where you can go and try the seemingly endless number of flavors and toppings? Your gym offers a wide variety of fitness programs to choose from. There is always a group fitness class or exercise to get everyone involved, be it HIIT group workouts, Tabata workouts for beginners, indoor cycling classes, etc.

Check out some of the classes here on Choose Fitness:

  • Body combat – Punch, kick, and block your way through a workout that challenges you from a cardio and muscle-building perspective.
  • Zumba – Try a combination of exercise and dance that emphasizes fun while you work out.
  • Yoga – Connect with your breathing by pushing your core strength and your overall flexibility.
  • Piyah – Do you love yoga? Love to dance? Love athletics? Mix all three with this final workout.
  • Aqua Fit – By putting you in the water, this class provides a perfect, no-impact option for those who want to recover from injury or who simply want to test their fitness level off the ground.

And these are just five examples. No matter what you are looking for, it is bound to be a group class that can deliver it.

As always, don’t forget the benefits of warming up before a workout, which can prevent injury, improve endurance and much more.

Find your group at Choose Fitness

Group fitness provides health benefits both physically and mentally and can be a motivator in your fitness goals. At Choose Fitness, we offer Lots of group exercise options, So you can enjoy all the benefits of group exercise classes. Of course, if you’re still a lone workout person, we have Lots of options For that, too.

Also, our gyms are full of well-equipped, spotless, and friendly staff members who are here to help you with your fitness journey wherever you are.

If you are ready to get everything you deserve from the gym (at the cost of your ability), Find a Chuze fitness Near you.


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