999 Angel Numbers Symbolism for meaning and love, Twin Flame + more

Jordan Marie, astrologer and founder of Girl and Her Moon, explains that the nine really capture the cyclical essence of numerology. In numerology, nine represents both an end and a beginning – the end of a cycle that begins later and the catharsis that comes with the departure. “

He mentions that the number nine reminds us that when we give up, we make room for something new, “and through surrender we tap into a higher and more truthful expression of ourselves.” The emotional nature of these numbers, he adds, encourages us to look at what we can express, limiting relationships, an old habit or pattern, or even belief.

In the case of the Life Path number, someone is called a humanist, including the Life Path Nine, a number related to human endeavor, hope, faith, and the wise old soul. “If we portray numerology as a journey, we have started from one and now moved from one to nine, reaching the culmination of all the knowledge gained throughout the journey,” Marie explains.

“[Nine] Look for a reminder to move backwards, a bigger picture and the whole journey and gain all the knowledge, ”he added.

It is also worth noting that, according to Richardson, the more numbers you see repeating, the more energy is trying to get your attention.

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