A Beauty Director Alice Brooklyn Smells: Reviewing Summer Fruits

Sun Fruit contains a creamy and pleasantly wonderful blend of fresh figs, bergamot, hand-picked jasmine and vanilla. Bergamot is a bright, sunny citrus that instantly inspires images of two-seater, top-down driving along a whirlwind road along the Italian coast. Jasmine fills the fragrance with its incredibly sweet and musk scent. Jasmine is equally known for being sexy and sweet, and that brings that appeal to this perfume. Finally, figs and vanilla add some warmth and depth, giving the aroma a slight consistency. When I smell it, I get the look of warming my skin in the terracotta bricks, the soft morning sun and the coastal flower breeze.

I got my hands on the bottle just before a long weekend, the official sign of the beginning of summer. (How appropriate!) And with my first spray, I felt summer had begun. I wore it all weekend, occasionally catching soft whispers of its long-lasting spray. Each time, it felt like a reminder that we were out of the cold and ready to sink into the warm, sun-drenched fun.

But before I even smelled the first perfume, I was fascinated by the scent that came from Alice Brooklyn, a clean-designed perfume and personal brand founded by B. Shapiro. Shapiro is a beauty writer and editor most famous for his beauty columns New York Times. His knowledge of the beauty industry is extensive, and his taste is subtle-a combination that usually results in high-quality products.

In addition, the brand is clean and sustainable minded. The perfume industry is often denigrated for its clean beauty because lists of ingredients are often hidden and probably contain less than the norm, such as endocrine disruptors or carcinogens. But Shapiro maintains its brand high standards and works closely with its world-renowned perfumers to create a safe, responsible scent. While she started with traditional perfumes, she has moved on to home and body care products. And as she entered those new categories, she took care and attention just like her first fine perfume.

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