A beauty editor has reviewed Lip Left which has helped heal her pout

This brings me to another dilemma: it really takes a special kind of formula to hydrate the lips, which I haven’t found yet. The standard lip balms I test for contain a lot of cooling ingredients – such as menthol, camphor and peppermint – for a soothing sensation, but they can evaporate quickly and lead to more dryness down the street. Similarly, salves containing only the humectant (which effectively pulls water on your thirsty lips) can evaporate easily without any barrier to retain moisture, which makes your lips drier than before.

A winning lip balm requires lots of humicants, emollients and clusters — so it can pull in water, can block the skin, And Trap all valuable moisture without any potential irritation for sensitive lips. And the Leap Left Trump of Mindbodygreen on all fronts. Hyaluronic acid helps to thicken the lips with moisture, as a dry sponge instantly rises under water; We chose sodium hyaluronate (a salt form of HA) because it has a lower molecular weight and can penetrate deeper into the skin.

For emollients, you’ll find shea and cocoa butter to smooth out any cracked, rough spots. Moringa seed oil contains antioxidants and fatty acids to nourish your skin, thus keeping the lips soft. And, finally, sunflower seed wax provides a protective barrier on the skin without too much adhesive texture. Not only is this a high-quality vegetarian alternative to wax, sunflower seed wax also leaves a very light glaze on your pout for a perfect satin-like finish.

When I open the tube and glide it, it becomes smooth effortlessly. Our beauty director Alexandra Engler has described applications like “wrap yourself in a cashmere blanket” and honestly? I couldn’t agree more: the number of luxurious threads on the left of this lip seems to be 1,000.

But back to the million-dollar question: does it work? Ever since I tested this balm, my lips feel comfortable and nourished – and without any irresistible flakes for my tearing, I have noticed that my picking habit has actually started to ebb. This lack of self-surgery combined with the natural skin-softening ability of the left has allowed my lips to really heal. Never before has skin been so smooth, supple and even felt.

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