A complete guide from sex experts

Unfortunately, if you plan to give your nude message to someone else, experts say you have to make the worst guess. “You have to guess that the picture you are sending will one day be seen by another person,” said Carly S., a pleasure expert, founder of Dildo or Dildont, and an educator at Spectrum Boutique. “If the idea that the picture you are taking could be seen by someone else bothers you, don’t send it to anyone.” If you take a glamorous photo that needs to keep an eye on it, you may want to simply slide your phone to them while you are together in private. Bonus: It lets you see their feedback live.

Carly S. advises, keep in mind the heroism of nude photos when you are trying to take pictures on any part of your body. “Consider that unique sesame seeds, spots, tattoos and piercings can be used to identify you,” he adds. If you don’t want spots on your body, either corner those parts of your body outside the frame, or cover them with make-up or an editing app. Good app for PhotoDiva and RetouchMe.

Lastly, if you plan to share your photos, make sure you agree first. “You always have to ask before stripping someone naked,” said Fry-Nekrasova. Yes, although this is someone who has enjoyed your hot shots before. “You have to make sure the time is right. After all, it’s probably not the best idea to send a bunch of nudes when your partner is in a meeting about promotions. “Fair point! A simple,” Can I send you a nude right now? “Works fine. I was a little hot and bored thinking about you and we took some pictures of the fun we had together and how you feel about me, what if I send them to you? “Works, too.

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