A cosmetic chemist relies on new trader Joe’s SPF

When looking for the real deception for an expensive, high-quality skin care product like Supergup! Unseen sunscreen (or its zinc oxide cousin, mineral shearscreen), has more to offer than just a sensitive experience. Directly analyzing the ingredient lists may not be the answer, as other factors (such as the order of the ingredients) may also affect the product. If finding a real deception seems complicated, okay, because it is.

Luckily, cosmetic chemist Javan Ford has analyzed two products on TikTok, so you don’t have to. Ford’s conclusion: “I’m really fascinated.” Ford explained that the key components of both products are very similar, and from his personal experience, the sensitive aspects as well.

Supergop! Unseen sunscreen has a gel-like consistency, which is why it is different when compared to heavy SPF products. The gel creates a sticky grip on the skin, which is perfect for layering under makeup, especially in the hot months.

Supergop! Fans also swear by this product, as it absorbs quickly, while some sunscreen takes longer to get wet on the skin and leave a residual film. “The main difference I will notice right now, though, is that it has a longer drying time than Supergup! And not as a mattress, ”Javan said.

Ford explains that these differences mean, given some of the elements of Supergup! Sunscreen is very expensive, add that extra oomph When it comes to plush feeling and quick absorption. However, since Trader Joe’s SPF is about $ 30 cheaper, it could be worth the sacrifice.

So if you like Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen but want to use something more affordable, give Trader Joe’s SPF a shot — it could become your new favorite.

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