A full lunar eclipse is coming – here’s your horoscope

The correct astrological full moon will rise at 12:15 a.m. EST on Monday, May 15th. The Moon will be in Scorpio at 25 degrees, while the Sun will be in Taurus at 25 degrees. The Moon also has a complete lunar eclipse, with the Sun joining the North Node in Taurus and the Moon joining the South Node in Scorpio.

Since the moon (connected with emotion) is connected to the southern node (connected to the past), many people can revisit, re-process and / or release people, feelings and relationships from their past during this eclipse.

And since the Moon is in Scorpio, there is also a distinct theme of mental transformation, an opportunity to change or gain insights that help us move towards religion or destiny. This eclipse is due to the connection of the Sun with the North Node (Fate) and Uranus (Change of Insight / Flash).

This eclipse in Scorpio is also ruled by Pluto, who creates a favorable sexual relationship with the moon and the southern nodes, emphasizing the double-transformative power. And with Mars forming a train for the moon and the southern node, it activates and infuses the eclipse with the force of movement and demand.

The effects of eclipses sometimes take months or years to fully manifest. During intense eclipses, energy is being set up that will have a lasting effect for several years.

I recommend checking horoscopes for your Sun and crescent signs – they can also have values ​​for Moon signs.

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