A nutrition PhD explains (and debunks) a common vitamin D myth

Vitamin D is one of the best-registered players for immune support — an “old-school” nutrition, if you will. * Covid patients compared to the group. For example, Vitamin D has finally got the recognition it deserves যদিও although, Ferreira says, it’s really important to digest what you’re reading online.

“Most of us are deficient in vitamin D,” Ferreira said. And research supports this: 29% of U.S. adults are directly diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency, while 41% are deficient in vitamin D. This is a huge nutritional gap – and yet, most health media outlets offer a single solution: Eat foods rich in vitamin-D.

“It’s a huge myth I want to break,” Ferreira notes (If you are curious, he further explains his argument here). “Asking someone to meet their vitamin D needs through food is like giving a quart of paint to repaint your whole house.”

Vitamin D is naturally found in small amounts in a handful of foods যা which helps prevent extreme vitamin D deficiency and related illnesses. For example, one cup of milk contains 100 IU of vitamin D But when it comes to increasing and maintaining a healthy vitamin D status for life, those moderate intake levels alone will not reduce it.

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