Albert Trail Runners create the Perfect Father’s Day Gift 2022

My dad decided to try Trail Runners – the most recent Alberts footwear release – because he liked the way the shoes were displayed. The all-black design felt trendy but was still accessible for its more preserved style.

Like any practical person, he liked the versatile design of shoes. My parents live in Hawaii, so my dad often hikes trails or walks through half-cut terrain. The traded rubber outsole provides grip for off-road tracks without making the sneakers too heavy for everyday wear.

The design also has a water-repellent finish to prevent the surprise of getting wet from an unexpected rain. Despite this addition, they were still machine washable for regular revival after a muddy trek outside. Each space screamed differently — but trying to use durable sneakers was the real game changer.

My dad immediately started hugging around the store after putting them on. Walking at its pace demonstrates the stability and comfort of sneakers, their EVA Midsol and Foam Insole (derived from sugarcane and castor bean oil, respectively). It was love from the first step-yet my dad insisted he didn’t really Need Shoes and left empty handed.

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