Are ghosts real? What experts say, theory and much more

Cho, Levinger, and professional intuitionist and author Angel insights, Tania Carol Richardson is open to all ghost ideas. Lavinger and Richardson, in fact, both say they have experienced ghostly energy.

However, Richardson warns, “When discussing things like ghosts, I think it’s important to remember that no one has all the answers, and I encourage people to make up their own minds. I’ve seen ghosts a few times with my physical eyes. But they can also be felt through your feelings or outspokenness. “

Lavinger agrees, noting that after working as a medium and intuitive for several years, he has gained enough legitimacy to believe the information that came to him through his lessons. “If this is not your line of work or if you are not accustomed to believing your insights, it can be hard to believe that ghosts, who live in a state where the only way to be aware of them, is to believe in those insights.”

He added that, again, some people do not believe that there is an afterlife. “There are many religious and belief systems that do not include ghosts – and I personally respect that, even though I don’t believe in it.”

Although in the end, experts in the fields of mysticism, witchcraft and paranormal (more than likely) are going to believe in ghost ideas or at least stay open. For those who are more concerned with the ghost world, and prefer to believe based on science (as well as evidence), their idea is going to have a hard time warming up – unless, of course, they themselves feel something ghostly. ..

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