Are you using Niacinamide too much? Here’s how to say it

Let me just say: niacinamide itself is not known to be annoying; In fact, most people find it very tolerable, as opposed to strong acid or retinol. Rather, it is niacinamide overload which can create problems, as you do not need too much concentration to cut its benefits. “Most niacinamide studies use 2% to 5% ingredients,” wrote cosmetic chemists Victoria Fu and Gloria Lu previously for mbg. “There’s no reason to think that 30% niacinamide is six times more effective than 5% niacinamide. You’re more likely to irritate your skin with ultra-high concentrations than anything else.” While vitamin B is a favorite for strengthening skin barriers, an overdose can actually cause sensitivity, skin irritation and redness – but you should set it if you are stuck at 2 to 5% concentration.

Here’s how things get complicated: Niacinamide has quickly become the crown jewel of skin care, its bundle of benefits (moisture! Oil control! Brightness!), And brands are making tremendous strides with it. “You can get more niacinamide than you think, because it’s included in many products,” Landrisina explained.

It’s one of the simplest active ingredients out there – it even combines well with the infamous glamorous vitamin C. “So brands often throw it into products as an extra,” Landrisina added But that “excess” of niacinamide can easily tip the scales from nutritious to irritating, especially if you unknowingly accumulate forms of vitamin B3.

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