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How much biotin should you take every day + where is it found?

Although excessive amounts of certain vitamins and minerals have been shown to have negative effects, biotin is not. “Currently there is no upper limit for biotin intake, due to the lack of reports of adverse events with high intake,” Cording explains.

More precisely, "no adverse effects were observed with very high doses or oral intake, up to 200 mg daily (which is 20,000 micrograms), so there is no mandatory data to support the effects of direct toxicity," Ferreira added.

A common misconception is that biotin supplements, or increased intake of biotin in general, can lead to breakouts.

Although it was not kept during the study. Hadley King, MD, a board-certified dermatologist, told MBG that it is theoretical that biotin supplements can contribute to skin blemishes by interfering with the absorption of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). “However, no studies have shown that taking biotin supplements or pantothenic acid deficiency causes [breakouts]The king said.

In addition, the ferries noted: "This is not very easy, because caution should be exercised in high-dose biotin due to the possibility of lab testing interventions for key biomarkers."

In the case of very good things, "vitamin D levels measured by serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D, troponin for cardiac function, HCG for pregnancy tests, biotin megadosing for accurate evaluation of key labs, including thyroid panel results, and others may prove challenging." For this reason, "there is nothing more at the base of biotin, at least not at this extreme, high levels such as 5 mg (5,000 micrograms) and above," Ferreira concludes.

Again, consult your healthcare practitioner for your own unique needs. As Ferreira explains, "Of course there are certain clinical situations under the supervision of a doctor where intentionally, high-dose biotin methods are used, but that's not what we're talking about here for the average person."


Reviewers say that this supplement improves their sleep score

Instead, sleep support + users find that night supplements help them wake up refreshed and well rested — a feeling that gives legitimacy to their sleep scores.

"I just took one capsule, and my sleep tracker consistently showed an increase in deep and REM sleep, without any fog in the morning," * says Sleep Support + user Michael O.

Another reviewer, Sharon M., notes that her tracker receives this supplement the night she moves less. “I’m looking for something that helps me sleep, and most importantly sleep through the night,” he wrote. "I've tried a lot and finally found something that works."

Hannah Margaret Allen, executive editor of Mindbodygreen, also reached out for sleep aids to help ensure a high sleep score on her Fitbit — which ranks her sleep on a 100 scale based on REM and deep sleep, heart rate, and overnight movement time. “My goal is to stay in the 90s every night,” he wrote. "The night I get sleep support +, reaching 90 is basically a breeze." *

We’re living one of the best days of Tech Tracker, and getting health metrics at your fingertips is easier than ever. Deep sleep is an important factor in overall well-being, and numbers don't lie: sleep support + helps people get it. *


Tips for taking care of your skin, from derms

In this decade, you will start to notice that your skin does not come back as before. And thus, the formation of more permanent sacrifices has begun.

It is important to note that wrinkles and wrinkles appear on everyone's skin when moving the face - regardless of age. These are referred to as dynamic lines. "Examples include eyebrows, forehead wrinkles, crow's feet, lip lines (when you drink from a straw or from your lips), and cheeks in the middle (often referred to as 11s)," said the board-certified dermatologist. Cynthia Bailey, MD, founder of Dr. Bailey Skin Care. "Over time, these lines will deepen and engrave on the skin, just as the folded paper leaves a crease."

And what we see in the 1930s is that these lines are slowly starting to take a more permanent position, due to the collapse of collagen and elastin. In addition, these are exacerbated in our younger years by any low-star lifestyle habits such as sunbathing and lack of sleep.

This is why many professionals consider the 30s to be an important time for skin care: If you haven’t adopted a smart, healthy aging routine, now is the time. For most, that means just going beyond hydrating lotion and adding Target Active. “Hydrating the skin can temporarily reduce the visibility of wrinkles, but that’s not a solution,” Eun says. "Confirm [consider options like] A retinoide, vitamin C and exfoliation for true skin rejuvenation. "


The application method has changed what my concealer looks like

Although I thought using a beauty sponge and setting the powder was the best way to get rid of this pattern, I was wrong. And, really, most beauty influencers will believe that sponges are the last-of-all of makeup application.

Of course, those little sponges come in handy, but there's actually a much easier way to do that, Well, Easy

Until I saw makeup legend Bobby Brown, I thought of changing it using a completely different method. On TikTok, Brown used his fingers (yes, that's it), to mix in his concealer.

After trying my own built-in makeup tools, I can prove that the under-eye concealer of the eye can go smooth, long-lasting.

This method works because the body heat of your fingers warms the product. Once the product is warm, it will melt on the skin instead of lying on top. When your concealer works on the skin, it is less likely to slip around, crease or ball up.

When you use your fingers instead of a brush or sponge, you should start with less products. Since you may be accustomed to your mixing tools for wetting parts of your applied product, you may need a little less than you normally use — which is another reason why this method is so great.


7 Best Hybrid Mattresses for 2022 Side Slippers

Britney Logins

mbg contributing author

By Brittany Loggins

mbg contributing author

Brittany Loggins is a freelance writer who covers health, wellness and lifestyle.

Image by Jamie Grill Atlas / Stocky

Our editors have freely chosen the products listed on this page. If you purchase anything mentioned in this article we can get a small commission.

June 29, 2022

With all the materials and specifications it can be difficult to know what to look for in a mattress. Especially if you are looking for a mattress that satisfies your preferences and health concerns, weed cleaning can be a complete elimination through all the terms in the super saturated mattress market. That said, hybrid mattresses are the best bet for side sleepers who want both comfort and support.

Below, we unveil everything you need to know about the best hybrid mattresses for side slippers, including our top picks for cool and eco-friendly designs.

What is a hybrid mattress?

Although some people may think that a hybrid mattress refers to a design consisting of at least partly a combination of memory foam, the term really only refers to a mattress made of two different types of materials. It has a support system that makes up most of the mattress — basically the part that sits on top of the box that springs up to the top level-as well as a comfort layer that sits on top of it.

The upper layer is the part that will be made with a different material, often referred to as the comfort layer. The support system usually has metal coils wrapped in some kind of padding or memory foam, while the comfort layer has memory foam, latex or plush padding i.e. the top of a pillow.

What is the best mattress for side sleepers?

Your sleeping position will determine the best mattress for you — and side sleepers benefit from designs that are plush but provide enough help to keep their body aligned. Call it the Goldilocks of Sleep!

However, there are some special precautions that should be kept in mind for sleeping on the side. Kevin Lees, a chiropractor at Joint Corporation, previously told MBG that side sleepers often put more pressure on their buttocks and shoulders. As a result, the mattress should be given enough to cradle these areas and relieve unwanted pressure.

Why Side Slippers Should Choose Hybrid Mattresses

A strong base and cushioned pillow-top combo makes hybrid mattresses an ideal choice for side slippers, as they provide the necessary support to keep your body fit so that Lee provides enough help to withstand the stresses warned. Also, their pillow tops often hinder speed transfers, making them a great choice for couples.

Another advantage of a hybrid mattress? It is possible to find affordable models that give their high-editors the same breathability, quality and comfort.

How we pick.

In addition to selecting brands with a trial period and long warranty, we've used genuine customer reviews to find designs that buyers can't stop obsessing over after snoozing.

If your mattress is too soft, it will not support any spine. If it is too hard, the bed can exacerbate body aches and pains. We chose the mattress right in the middle of the firmness spectrum.

We prefer natural latex over memory foam, which is not environmentally sustainable. While this was not possible, we focused on brands with more sustainable manufacturing processes and longer warranties to ensure they are as durable (and high quality) as possible.

The ability to breathe is a particularly important consideration for hot slippers and those who share a bed - but it is also a big factor in choosing memory foam products. Some ingredients like gel or latex allow better airflow, so we prioritized these choices to maximize comfort.

Our selection for the best hybrid mattress for 2022 side sleepers:


  • Ascension coils assist in weight distribution
  • Multiple firmness levels
  • Optional cooling cover
  • Delivered in boxes


  • Contains memory foam
  • Not flippable
  • Will have to wait 30 days to return

Material: Memory foam, Coil

Size: Twins, Twin XL, Complete, The queen, King, King of California, Queen of the Olympics, Short king, RV

Warranty: 10 years

Observation period: 120 nights

At the base of this mattress are 961 individually bound ascension coils to support you from head to toe. Choose between three different firmness levels, each of which still includes a 1.5-inch memory foam top. (The brand advises side slippers to choose a "soft" design).

Despite the plush memory foam top, you don't have to worry about rolling off the bed. The perimeter of the mattress has higher gauge coils for extra edge support. Also, the patented Titanflex foam, made by Brooklyn Bedding, has been engineered to be as responsive as latex at no cost. Paired with the coil, it creates deep compression support which is the key to the best hybrid mattresses. Bonus: It comes in a box for easy transportation.


  • CertiPUR-US® Polyurethane foam
  • Cool top
  • Free delivery


  • Will have to wait 30 days to return
  • Short trial period

Material: Coil, CertiPUR-US® Polyurethane foam

Size: Twins, Twin XL, Complete, The queen, King, King of California

Warranty: 10 years

Observation period: 100 nights

Although it is delivered in a compact box, this mattress still packs a support-filled punch. The key to Casper's original mattress is a combination of four unique sleep technologies. The elastic spring base prevents sagging and keeps air flowing, while premium foam allows for perfect body contouring.

Our favorite feature? Zoned support, which divides mattresses into three ergonomic zones with different levels of support. The neck and shoulder area are slightly softer to relieve pressure, but the lower back, waist and lower buttocks are stiffer to encourage spinal alignment.

Also, memory foam is CertiPUR-US®, which means it does not contain ozone-destroying chemicals or phthalates. It has also been tested for low VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions.


  • Custom perseverance
  • Custom height
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Extended back support


  • Expensive
  • Deep heights may require special frames

Material: Recycled coil, Quilted pillow top

Size: Twins, Twin XL, Complete, The queen, King, King of California, The divided king

Warranty: Lifetime

Observation period: 365 nights

When you are ready to invest in mattress, Saatva’s luxurious design should be your first choice. The brand understands that you are investing in your sleep, so it offers long lasting products - we are talking about a lifetime warranty.

And with these good features, you won't want to sleep without it. Each mattress has a steel coil base with batch reactive coils that contour with your body. The added support comes from the center of the mattress, where the coils are made thicker and stiffer. To counteract this rigidity, the brand inputs a layer of back-supporting CertiPUR-US®-certified memory foam. Finally, a plush 3-inch quilted Euro pillow top covers the entire mattress and comes in three firmness levels: plus, luxurious firm and firm.


  • Anti-sag support
  • Individually wrapped coils
  • Isolation of motion
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Can be very strong for small people
  • Expensive

Material: Latex, Coil

Size: Twins, Twin XL, Complete, The queen, King, King of California

Warranty: Lifetime

Observation period: 120 nights

Designed for people over 250 pounds or more, Winkbed's eco-friendly hybrid mattress focuses on providing support where it's most important. Each individually wrapped pocket coil considers the amount of pressure on it and adjusts the resistance accordingly; The most pressure gets the biggest pushback and vice versa.

The coils are then wrapped in an OEKO-TEX100-certified Talale 4-inch layer of latex, which is compatible with your body to provide the necessary pressure relief. In addition to keeping your body cushioned and comfortable, latex keeps sleepers cool with an open-cell design that conducts heat.


  • Spinal support
  • Free shipping and return
  • Comfortable cashmere cover
  • More affordable option

Material: Memory foam, Coil

Size: Twins, Twin XL, Complete, The queen, King

Warranty: Lifetime

Observation period: 365 nights

Spinal alignment should be a priority for those who are experiencing back pain - and this medium-sized mattress does just that. In addition to the targeted support from each coil, the design has three memory foam layers for gentle pressure relief.

The base foam layer protects from the coil, hugs your body in the middle and keeps the upper contours in your shape. Attached to the top of the pillow, Dreamcloud offers a mattress that is comparable to sleeping on a cloud. (And the brand offers great deals for those who choose the bundle at the time of purchase — meaning you can add sheets and duets at a discounted price.)


  • 7 levels of cooling technology
  • Free transportation


  • There are no fountains
  • Made with full foam

Material: Memory foam

Size: Twins, Twin XL, Complete, The queen, King, King of California, The divided king

Warranty: 25 years

Observation period: 101 nights

The brand calls this bed "the coolest bed in the world." The seven layers of the mattress are made of cooling material that pulls excess heat away from the body Will keep you cool Despite being made entirely of foam, the mattress boasts a medium-strong plush layer.

This unexpected boost of support comes from the inner core, which is made from a dense 7.5-inch foam base. When laminated with bounce, gel and memory foam, the base is transformed into a cushioned oasis for warm sleeping everywhere. Also, the top layer is made up of gel memory foam, which gives the feeling of sinking into the mattress.


Who would prefer a hybrid mattress?

Since hybrid mattresses combine different components that serve different functions, they are a great option for people with sleep disorders. Whether you’re hoping to prioritize coolness or support, you can find a hybrid mattress that meets your needs.

How long will a hybrid mattress last?

Hybrid mattresses last from six to 10 years depending on the material. If you have a mattress with very thick, strong memory foam, it will probably last around 10 years. That said, if you prefer super plush materials they may not retain their form over time.


Compressing your mattress search is much easier when you know what health and sleep concerns are at the top of your list. Side slippers can benefit from a hybrid mattress that provides an equal level of support and comfort, and we've published our best picks from brands like Ghostbed, Casper, Satva and more. Just be sure to invest in quality bedding that will help you on your new sleep health journey.


Benefits, uses, side effects, dosage, and more

From your kitchen to your bathroom - there are countless ways you can use the benefits of lemon oil in your home! “Lemon essential oil can be spread at home, used in body care products (e.g., mist, toner and hydrosol), used in cleaning products and blended into many more,” says Robinet.

Add a few drops of lemon oil to a diffuser to brighten your mood or increase your alertness. He suggests using it for a little emotional lift in the morning, or at noon when the attention is submerged. This is a great ally during the winter when you can get your mood down.

Zolphaghari says that a strong fragrance will not only induce an uplifting energy for your space, but will also help to clean and purify the air as lemon oil has antibacterial properties.

Do you have lemon oil that you want to include in your skin care routine? Zolpaghari recommends adding a drop to your evening moisturizer to help give your skin a natural glow. “Just make sure your skin isn’t sensitive after sun exposure and won’t combine with any retinol,” she notes.

At a home spa night, make a lemon body scrub to stimulate lymphatic drainage. “Add 10 drops of lemon oil and one tablespoon of jojoba oil to one ounce of Himalayan salt. Use it everywhere in the shower, especially in areas that may benefit from its anti-inflammatory action, ”Le Winters, MA, MS, previously wrote for MBG.

Lemon oil is also used in supplements, especially fish oil (such as mbg's omega-3 energy +, which uses organic lemon oil to fight fish ice and promote freshness) *


How to use it, how much + more

Personal lubricant, often called lube, is a liquid or gel that is used to reduce friction between body parts or any part of your body during sexual play and is a sex toy. In addition to reducing friction, the intruder can increase lube pleasure and reduce pain or discomfort while having sex, masturbating or playing with sex toys. Whether you engage in sexual activity with a partner or alone, the lube often lubricates you and keeps your vaginal or anal tissue soft, creating a more satisfying experience overall.

Importantly, using the lube does not mean that your body is not working as it should. Of course, the vagina naturally creates its own lubrication, but there are Tons Factors that contribute to lower than normal production or situations where you will benefit by adding more. For example, the side effects of menopause, aging, metabolism, hormonal changes, birth control, and other medications have the potential to affect your body's natural lubrication levels and increase vaginal dryness.

"Although lubricants are produced in the normal vagina during arousal, people who menstruate often find that this amount of lubricant is insufficient to make sex as enjoyable as possible," shared Jess Barra, a nurse practitioner at FNP, Sex and Wellness Site Favor.

Even if you already have plenty of natural lubrication during arousal, you may want to keep some lube close at hand anyway - you'll be amazed at how much more pleasure it can add to sex.


This means separating the key + other labels

Through the lens of the split attraction model, attraction comes in many forms, including sexual and romantic. Ley Cray, Ph.D., director of LGBTQIA + programming at the virtual mental health clinic Charlie Health. That said, through prudence in them, we can better explore, direct and enjoy our various interactions with people.

So, what is the difference between sexual attraction and romantic attraction? Sexual attraction is probably the easiest to explain, Cray says: You see someone and you feel a psychological and biological response that indicates to you that you want to engage in sexual activity with that person. Romantic attraction, on the other hand, is a little harder to explain, since the broader concept of romance we see today is a cultural structure এবং and in the context of human history, relatively recent.

"Historically, the concept has been linked to the concept of love and, at the very least, seems to involve some desire to connect on a mental level with some intimacy and mutual commitment. Some may argue that the concept even predicts certain feelings. Romanticizing — You are attracted to the person, ”explains Cray.

It is important to note that not all sexual attraction is romantic attraction and not all romantic interest is combined with sexual attraction.

Azaria Menezes, a sex and relationship trainer, added, "Some people may identify as asexual but still feel a romantic attraction to people regardless of their gender identity." Panromantics can be applied to many sexual identities. "


Energy Reading June 26: July 4, 2022:

Clients often ask me, How can I connect my insights? A quick way to do this is to notice when your body is asking you something and more, to believe it and follow what it needs. If said, "I know we have 10 things on our to-do list, but I really need to rest!" And you go ahead and work extra hours instead, it’s disconnecting you from your insights.

Your intuition doesn't usually yell at you, "I'm your insight!" It says through the gut feeling and instinct what you enlighten and what you need. I know it’s not easy (especially in a society that is driven by production) to listen when our insights are telling us to slow down, but the more you work on what you want to hear, the more you will make that intuitive connection. And the more you do it, the more you build the muscles of your faith — and the whispers of intuition don't feel so calm.

We have a new moon in Cancer on June 28, which is often a time to renew, set goals, and feel the spark of what you want to create. And I feel that energy in the air, but not in real day. As I said, the first few days of this week feel more watery and more calm. But somewhere around Thursday to Friday, it seems like something is up and the energy is clear.

You may feel that you have suddenly realized something that you have not done before. You can feel ready to come out of hiding and work on your new awareness. It feels lighter and more action-oriented.

So, if you don’t want to set a new moon purpose while in that bubble bath, it’s not too late to do it on Thursday or Friday. As I mentioned, whenever it comes to intuition, whenever you hear that the time is right, it is right.


How to get to Neptune Retrograde, from an astrologer

Stuck in the idea of ​​reviewing and processing, Bud notes that Neptune retreats are a great time to examine your dreams, open your heart, overcome pain, and relieve pain. "We are also invited to explore the ways in which we confuse or deceive ourselves and to avoid responsibility or reality (such as substance abuse, fantasy, excessive TV or other distractions)," he added.

And FYI, sometimes things get worse before they get better. As Bud explains, Neptune can exacerbate problems before retrograde problems, or increase confusion before we can find clarity. However, they can also trigger spiritual insights, intuitive awakening and expansion, he says.

So, the question is, how can we make the most of this transit? According to Bud, you will want to find out where the 25th degree of Pisces falls on your birth chart and find out which house it is in. "Changes in the 22nd to 25th degree house of Pisces will have the opportunity to think about ideas, and the insights that happened in the last seven months of Neptune's direct motion," he says. (For example, if this setback happens in your second House of Finance and Security, you probably use the time to plan a budget.)

"If you fail to take sufficient action on something important [while Neptune was direct]You will have the opportunity to review what happened and try again (or be ready to try again), "Bud said, adding," Reflect on the insights gained during this time and the steps still needed for that new understanding to play in your life. "

And no matter where this retrospective falls on your chart, Bud usually advises using this Neptune retreat to deepen your spiritual connection with yourself and get ready to reveal your current dreams to the world.