Big fan of Alt Milks? This expert wants to know something about emulsifiers

Our intestinal microbiome affects digestion, nutrient absorption, vitamin synthesis, cardiovascular health, immune response and mental health. And when lifestyle factors such as sleep, exercise, fasting and stress change our microbiota, what we eat is the most influential and controllable liver that can affect our microbial health and, thus, our overall health.

Unfortunately, there is no check and balance in our food system to evaluate how food and food additives interact with our microbiome. Foods are generally considered safe (AKA-GRAS status) by the FDA based on their toxicity to us, not our microbiota. And while extensive research shows that the amount and variety of plant-based foods promotes a healthier and stronger microbiome, we have just begun to understand the safety and effects that emulsifier-like additions to our alternative milk have on our germs. Since so much is unknown, I go back to products that are taking a stand against the use of these unnecessary additives such as MALK and their delicious plant-based milk.

Considering the popularity of plant-based lifestyles combined with an explosion of alternative food inventions, we need to ask: What effect do emulsifiers have on our health and why do we need them?

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