Does collagen supplement work? A plastic surgeon has weight

“Traditional doctors will tell you that when you take collagen, the acids in your stomach will break it down and it does nothing. People say that many, many times and some of my videos are commented on, ”Eun said of his popular TickTock page. “But there are studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals that show that people who take collagen supplements have increased collagen content in their skin. And this is a direct relationship between taking collagen supplements.” *

Hydrolyzed collagen peptides, in particular, help promote the body’s natural production of collagen and other molecules that make up the skin, such as elastin and fibrilin. Hydrolyzed The difference is significant, as research shows that hydrolyzed collagen peptides are more easily absorbed by your bloodstream and body than normal-sized collagen molecules. *

“There are also studies that show that people who take collagen supplements have more hydrated, less wrinkled and younger youth,” * noted Eun. Again, we have research to back up the claim: in 2019, J Drugs Dermatol A review of the effects of oral collagen on the skin has revealed that collagen peptides will support the skin’s elasticity and hydration levels and promote youthful formation. *

And Ashley Jordan Ferreira, PhD, RDN, vice president of scientific affairs at MBG, once told us about the effectiveness of collagen: “When there is enough clinical to compile them in a systematic review or meta-analysis, Or there is a significant breadth of clinical evidence for the nutrient content. ” Those who say we shouldn’t spend as much time in pubmede as scientists and healthcare practitioners. “

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