Dr. Barbara Storm Ultimate Stinky Pimple Treatment Review

The treatment comes from Dr. Barbara Storm’s new collection of microbiotics, Which focuses on balancing younger, more acne-prone skin. In the formula, you will find a mixture of pre- and probiotics to nurture the skin microbiome, which is extremely important when resolving inflammatory conditions like acne. Remember: The microflora of your skin is an important part of the barrier function, which makes the skin less permeable (i.e., bad things can get in; good things can get out).

It contains panthenol and allantoin which help to soothe irritation and redness. Panthenol, in particular, can also help with the wound healing process, attract moisture and promote skin regeneration – all good things when you’re working with blemishes.

But let’s address the smelly elephant in the room? As the name implies, the smell of healing … less than that of a star. The formula contains shell oil, which has an intense, sulfur-like odor. Topically, shale oil has been found to enhance wound healing and provide antimicrobial properties, so rest assured, the brand has not added odors for no reason. It smells the strongest when applied, but I don’t notice the smell when the formula dries out (only you were worried about wearing it during the day).

In that note, the formula also contains rice starch, which has a matting, oil-absorbing effect. So if you want to treat And Cover with a jet, you can easily apply a thin layer, let it dry, then dab into some concealer.

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