Effective makeup primers are about improving skin health

Here’s the kicker, though: you don’t have to use primer as well as foundation. See, effective primers create a protective layer on your skin, which is a barrier not only to makeup but to the world around you. For example, Exa’s Jump Start Smoothing Primer contains antioxidants, such as CoQ10 and fatty acids from raspberry extract. It helps fight free radicals and protects your skin from environmental attackers such as pollution and blue light.

A unique primer can also help lock and seal moisture in all of your skin care – an idea Chan refers to as “daytime slugging”. He mentions: “I learned this technique while I was in Asia (where pollution can get really bad some days). To prevent breakouts, dehydrated skin or weak skin from contamination, many girls wear primer every day, even on days without makeup.

“Blurring” has become a major buzzword, but today’s textures are even more enticing, as they rely on plant-based polymers to achieve feather lighting, a satin finish. “Even as a professional makeup artist, I was skeptical of primer,” said Alexandra Compton, Crador’s product development manager and makeup artist. “I used to dislike them, especially [cyclic] Silicone-based primers that have an almost astringent effect on the skin. Now, there are many types of primers for any skin type to achieve different finishes. “Use a primer under the eyes to hydrate fine areas and prevent creasing, apply T-zones strategically to absorb oils and fill in fine lines, or finally” your skin , But even better, “Mix it with a color corrector to create an even-toned base,” he explains.

Some priming formulas are so silky, in fact, they even act as skin augmentation substitutes. “Matifing and obscure benefits are provided to hide many imperfections and reduce the appearance of pores,” says Zechner. Although they are not a product of every color, they do not actually leave a trace, and thus do not have a range of shades – calm, bright and matting botanicals help them to disguise any spots, fine lines or redness. In other words: these are the ultimate skin care-makeup hybrid, perfect for those days when you want a whisper of coverage. Chan shared the feeling: “Our customers have noticed that they no longer need to cover their skin with redness to achieve a uniform, radiant skin tone.”

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