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Heart strings prefer an environment with plenty of bright, indirect sunlight and will work well in a container with well-drained soil. Think about planting it in a cactus potting mixture, perlite, peat or algae mixture; You want to treat your heart strings like a cream. (These plants look great in an open terrarium and work great if you want to spice up your collection!)

When it comes to using it as a juicer, it means drying your heart’s strings into water. “When the pot mixture dries, it takes a lot of light to pick up,” Jenkins explained. Or you can use your fingers when two-thirds of the bones on the ground are dry. And absolutely, under no circumstances, do you need to water frequently or fertilize this plant in the winter. If you decide to fertilize your plant in the spring and summer, Goldwin Meth recommends using worm casting or organic fertilizer as a mild alternative.

As a fast farmer, the strings of the heart are full and no matter where it is. The great news is that they actually like to snatch and be a little rootbound so there’s absolutely no rush to rehabilitate this guy. It’s really a set it and let it enrich the houseplant type.

When the day of recovery comes, give yourself plenty of time to do it because it can be difficult, especially if you have too many leaves. Use slow and steady methods to keep the vines from tangling and the rootball to withstand the transplant shock.

To maximize its growth potential, choose a hanging planter near a window, near the edge or window seal!

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