Here are 13 best sneakers for standing all day, according to the pediatrician guidelines

You can’t think twice about choosing your shoes every morning beyond how well they match your outfit. Still, if you spend an extended amount of time on your feet every day, you probably want to think about it a little more. Choosing a helpful, high-quality sneaker for the long haul can create or break your level of comfort and save your back, knees and buttocks that may suffer from inadequate shoe cushioning.

Whether you’re out for a busy day at work or embarking on an adventurous vacation trip, being intentional with your shoe choice will give you the arc support and stability you need (while being stylish, of course).

Our criteria.

Picking a sneaker to wear while you’re on your feet all day would be just like a long walk or really any other physical activity. It is important to support all parts of your legs, including your ankles, for maximum comfort – especially if you are standing on a hard surface.

“Slippers that are more supportive, less flexible, like walking shoes, are best for standing with a little walking,” advises holistic pediatrician Robert Kornfeld, DPM. “Shock absorption has become equally important for those who walk much harder on hard surfaces, and most running shoes are designed to ease the impact of feet on the ground.”

Any accent (the way you roll your feet when you put your feet up) will also help when choosing your ideal sneaker. “For patients with prone problems or flat feet, a varicose wedge at the ankle and an arch supporting the inner surface would be best,” notes Kornfeld. However, if you are constantly having problems with your shoes, especially if you have discomfort in your arch, it may be worthwhile to have an assessment by a podiatrist to determine your specific needs.


If you are going to be on your feet for a long time, it is important to choose your sneakers for adequate support and comfort. Considering your ankles, arches and really all your feet when buying new sneakers will ensure that you feel refreshed at the end of the day regardless of the activities you are doing. One thing you should never cut corners is your shoes.

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