Here are 5 ways to support your gut health in the summer and beyond

Being out of contact with nature is a major factor that interferes with intestinal health. “As we narrow our interactions with nature, animals and other people, we get more narrow microbiomes,” triple-board-certified physician and intestinal health expert Zach Bush, MD, told MBG.

To remedy this, to help nurture biodiversity, prioritize spending more time outside যান go hiking or go jogging, touch some trees and shrubs, get dirty.

Also, exercising outside is a positive double-hammock for your gut health. A 2018 study found that practicing 30 to 60 minutes of patience three times a week for six weeks increased the abundance of SCFA-producing germs. . By good intestinal bacteria that support the intestines and help regulate the immune system.

Or, consider meditating outside for bonus benefits. “Meditation can positively alter the type of intestinal microbiome and bugs,” says Integrative Physician Vincent Pedre, MD author of a 2017 study review, suggesting that meditation helps control the stress response, leading to a healthier inflammatory response and a healthier bowel. Helps to maintain. – Barrier function. With this in mind, other meditative and relaxing activities (yoga, hiking, running, etc.) can also have a beneficial effect on your gut.

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