How a room and linen mist can help create a meditative ritual

This is why I started using an aromatherapy fog at the beginning of my session. Smell is a powerful tool that can affect your mood and your headspace. Mindy Young — a perfume expert, Reiki healer, and founder of perfumery — once described to me “you actually feel the scent: it triggers our emotions and memories before you are able to process the actual experience,” and since I Trying to use perfume ingredients for, such as Mindbodygreen’s dream fog.

Our new linen spray is a soothing blend of essential oils that relaxes the mind. Our soothing blends were made from science-backed ingredients with relaxing properties. Lavender Essential Oil is a favorite in many homes and is loved for its scented floral scent. Sandalwood is an ancient oil that is essential for many meditative practices in many cultures; These warm and rich notes are the foundation of our fog. Finally, there are two flowers: Roman chamomile is wild-harvested in Europe and gives a medicinal note, while the wild-harvested linden flower is airy and light. Together, these can be used to create an environment that calms your senses and takes you to the headspace for meditation.

I like to spray it on my meditation pillow and in the air around me before I close my eyes and start a guided meditation or start my mantra. (I alternate between the two types of meditation, since some days I need a little help, other days I think I can easily get into the headspace.) Instantly, I feel overwhelmed with comfort.

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