How Cellular Beauty + finally helped my fine lines fade *

It turns out, my “premature wrinkles” were not really wrinkles. Premature wrinkles by a host of UV exposure, smoking, genetics, and other factors are certainly a thing. But if you’re between 20 and even 30, any fine lines on the forehead, under the eyes, and in the nasolabial folds (you know, those smile lines) are often the result of the skin’s need for hydration rather than aging. So instead of trying to iron those lines with a facial tool or trying to exfoliate them with a peel array, I probably just needed to focus on the moisture. Worth a shot!

Holistic plastic surgeon Anthony Eun, MD, confirmed the idea on TikTok: He made a video with beauty influencer (and fellow 20-something) Sarah Palmyra, where she claims she focuses on hydration “reversing aging”. “Think of your skin like a grape. When it is hydrated, it looks like a ripe grape. When it is dehydrated, it looks like a raisin,” says Palmaira, with whom Eun agrees.

Now, I will not say that my skin lived in the raisin region, but as I mentioned above, I had a few stubborn lines that would not just leave the hull: for example, some thin, horizontal sting on my forehead and a random fold on my left cheek (here in the abdomen forever) Sleep) Coincidentally, these are the places where I also face the most dehydration — my textbook has combination skin, meaning breakouts are clustered around my chin and nose, while my forehead and cheeks are dry in the Sahara Desert.

But the thing is, I spend a lot of time hydrating my skin Can Probably drink more water throughout the day, but don’t we all have growth in that area? For the most part, though, I do all the right things: I stick to gentle cleansers that don’t remove my skin barrier; I apply a hyaluronic acid serum to damp skin; I choose thicker creams in the winter so that the dry air does not take away the moisture from my skin; I eat enough high-fat, water-dense foods to improve my complexion. There are countless ways to hydrate your skin and I do a nice job with tick marks on each box, if I say so myself.

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