How do I know if my multi is high power and why it matters?

When it comes to all micronutrient ingredients, the industry’s multivitamin / mineral supplement (aka multi) segment is totally (hello, essential macrominal) or “fairy dusting” or “scattering” সহthat is, a negligible amount of nutrients. To market a product as it contains X number of vitamins and minerals (while it may not contain small amounts of micronutrients or phytonutrients).

For this reason, Mindbodygrin’s high-power multi-claims are rare এবং and while acknowledging, we are quite proud of our formula. “We don’t sprinkle. For sprinkled cupcakes – not multivitamins,” Ferreira notes.

Bestselling author and overall nutritionist Kelly Leveck finds the 33-ingredient formula impressive and the next level. “It’s hard to pick just one, but my favorite feature of this multi is the high-power, built-in B-complex,” Leveck admits.

What’s so special about a high-power B complex? Well, unlike most multivitamins, Ultimate Multivitamin + includes all eight B vitamins at twice the daily value (or higher) and considers their bioavailability and bioavailability in the body. In addition to their multivitamins, but Mindbodygreen combines these essentials to give people everything they need in a multivitamin.

“This complete array of all eight B vitamins is sophisticated because the most bioactive forms are used, including methylation technology folate and B12. It directly supports the individual differences in B vitamin metabolism and cellular energy for all,” Leveck explains.

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