How dragged culture has influenced the soap eyebrow trend

Consider soapy eyebrows a lower version of eyebrow lamination: without committing to the semi-permanent salon method, you can coat the hair with bar soap, which helps to straighten the strands so that you can easily mold them to your liking – almost like a glue stick. . “Drag culture and the drag community were at the heart of that movement to get their eyebrows glued together,” noted eyebrow expert Joey Healy.

Reconstructing your eyebrows, your face frames, and arches can literally change the shape of your face এবং and no one knows better than drag queens. “All I do, before I put on any other makeup, is get my eyebrows in the right place,” said Jackie Cox, who starred in Season 12. Rupel’s drag race. “When you are able to glue or soap down an eyebrow, you are able to really master the shape you want or create a new effect – something that is very important to pull.”

After applying eighteen equal layers to clean, dry eyebrows and setting with powder, Cox draws her arches slightly higher than her natural eyebrow bones to make her face look more elongated and feminine. “Two [facial features] The ones that are most often identified by the male or female are the eyebrow bones and the jaw, ”he explains. “And these two things we can influence with makeup and change how they are perceived.” Covering the eyebrows provides a blank canvas, so Cox can be anyone he wants to be.

Soap eyebrow trends have reached fever pitch in 2019, as groundbreaking eyebrow lamination methods have become more popular, celebrity bro artist Renেনে de la Garza noted. But the feeling behind it remains the same: you like to brush your hair to add volume, remove them to cover gaps or blemishes, fluff to make them wider, or redirect stray strands, the way you help curl your eyebrows. You can achieve different looks, and thus change the way you feel.

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