How mbg’s cool + helps me defeat the fear of sunday

First, the star ingredient: full-spectrum USDA- and EU-certified organic European hemp oil, which helps support a healthy stress response to a different array of phytocannabinoids or plant compounds interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system (aka, the body is great). Among these phytocannabinoids, you will find 20 mg of CBD from non-psychoactive hemp per gelcap, an amount that allows you to calm down quickly without feeling drowsy, so you can take this supplement. Any time of the day.

Next, we have 80 mg of lavender oil, an essential oil that is well documented for its stress-relieving properties. GABA (Calms and promotes balance throughout the body) *

Finally, horseradish extract and leaf extract create an appearance. Horse odor is a well-known adaptogen that helps increase the body’s ability to recover from stress. Herbal extract, which provides cool +) *

I take a gelcap just before I go to sleep, because my fears often hit me the hardest at night. Calm + is not a sleep supplement (MBG has sleep support + for that!), But once I can calm my racing thoughts I sleep pretty hard.

Rather, calm + gently pushes my mind and body into a relaxed mode so that I can sleep comfortably in bed and then fall asleep comfortably. *

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