How mbg’s cool + supplement provides consistent stress relief *

I’m currently enrolled in a cool + monthly subscription, so I know I’ll always have something on hand, even though I don’t feel the need to take it every day. Instead, on days when I have a lot going on, I usually take a softgel in the afternoon. When I do, the supplement helps me move from a higher level of place to challenges and obstacles. * It helps calm my feelings of anxiety and frustration, helps me make better decisions, and spends the day in a positive mood. *

I can imagine that it would also be helpful for social gatherings and remove some of the embarrassment from meeting new people.

I have even noticed that when I am calm + in the afternoon, it helps me sleep at night. * For me, I think it has an additional effect on sleep support and together, the two must prepare the body for rest in my experience. *

Even though I’ve only been taking the product for a few months, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen it work. * I’m glad to find something that provides a consistent feeling – no matter how chaotic life is. *

Mindbodygreen editor Emma Lowe has been told.

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