How my grandfather used Ayurveda was his survival in the late 90’s

In 2007, my grandfather lay on his deathbed and more than 35 members of his family lovingly gathered around him to say goodbye. There was a hint of peace in his heart and contentment in his face. He had almost all black hair, a heart that worked like an 18 year old boy, clear lungs and no chronic or acute condition. Each time, he surprised the doctors.

We lived in Mumbai, a city where the human body decays rapidly. The wind quality index is usually above 150, 50 points which WHO considers acceptable for most people and the tropical sun is hot and bright. But my grandfather, an ayurvedic healer, used a combination of ayurvedic and yogic principles to deny aging and live his life to its full potential.

Bapuji Distribute free medicine as a volunteer to various dilapidated municipal hospitals with low hygiene standards and personally welcome solitary patients in each bed until the 90’s. Most of these buildings had no elevators, and often, he walked seven floors; No cane, no support. The family often expressed their concern for the infection, but he remained silent. He had confidence in his body’s ability to defend itself, and in the 30 years of this visit, he had never caught anything.

Today, 14 years after his death, his remarkable Ayurvedic life still inspires me every day, and I carry his legacy west. Below are some key tools, practices and principles that enriched him

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