How to file and shape square nails + expert tips

Think nail size like a new haircut. Since most of us have a tried and true nail shape that aligns with the outline of our nail bed, it’s easy to forget that there are options to file your tips. Before diving into square nails, let’s take a quick look at some of the most common nail sizes out there.

First, there are round nails, which sound exactly like this: straight edges with rounded edges. Deborah Lippman, a celebrity manicureist and founder of the brand, says there are oval nails, a variation of the round shape, but curved inwards with angles. These two are the most natural-looking in the shape of nails and are also easy to edit.

At the center of the natural-to-dark spectrum, we have sharp-edged square nails, but we’ll dive further into this shape below. Next, there are the squawk and the nut nails. “Squawals are similar to squares, but with softer edges, and the nut-shaped nails are thinner on the sides and wider on the rounded ends,” Lippman said.

Then there‚Äôs the courage to go there, like stilettos and coffin-shaped nails. “Stiletto nails are like nuts, but with a much harder point,” says Lippmann. And the coffin nails are shaped like shoes at a ballerina point: dramatic, long and very attractive.

Bottom line? There are plenty of options for shaping your nails. Like the brand new ‘Do’, you can experiment with a few until you find the shape you like.

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