How to nail dew, never do cake makeup on one level

Before we get started, a quick warning: this technique only works with cream products. Mixing a creamy foundation with a pressed powder blush is a peeling recipe, so make sure you stick to the cream or liquid formula.

From there, choose your products: concealer, foundation, blush and contour. We are big fans of LAWLESS Conseal The Deal Lightweight Full Coverage Concealer, Cosas Revealer Foundation, Jones Road Lip & Chick Stick and Westman Atelier Face Trace Contour Stick because they all have specific applicators so you can easily place products. In strategic areas. “The key is to use a setting mist,” Morelo explained. “It stops the product from drying out, so you can mix it, but it also infuses makeup with the setting energy of your setting spray.” In the Alber video, she uses an honest beauty save face shielding setting spray mixed with her seawater.

At the same time, point your products wherever you usually cover up, highlight, contour, etc. You can map out whatever you like, but a good rule of thumb is to dot the foundation along your T-zone, apply concealer under your eyes and mask over any blemishes you want, blush over your cheekbones and under your cheekbones, jaw. Contour along the lines and across the lines of your hair. “Instead of applying foundation to your entire face, then apply concealer over it, blush over it, contour over it and bronzer over it, it’s technically a single layer of makeup,” Morelo notes. If your face looks like a colorful polka dot painting, you are doing something right.

Next, spray your setting spray all over your makeup so that it leaves a light gloss – then you’re ready to mix. When you mix (be it with a fluffy brush or beauty sponge), be sure to start with your light products first. Start with concealer, then foundation, then blush and contour, buffing upwards to help lift your features. “On the way, without hesitation when you go to re-wet everything,” Morelo said, so the products will really melt on your skin.

The result? A complete face of makeup that never shows the cake. In fact, due to the hydrating setting spray, it actually looks quite dewy. And since you’re mixing products of all colors at once, you’re able to strategically cover and define areas without piling up products. “My general makeup technique will end up being like five or six layers to me, and it just doesn’t look natural,” Morelo said.

Think about it: If you apply foundation foundation, your undertones can become flat without contour or blush — and so you can load up more levels to define your features. “With this technique, I can wear everything, it looks very normal and it stays up all night,” he added.

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