How to optimize your eyebrows in 3 steps from eyebrow specialist

Most people, regardless of eyebrow shape, occasionally feel some spurs patches. If you are looking for consistent growth to achieve your ideal shape, then using eyebrow growth serum is a great way to work towards that.

The thing here – even if you have symmetrical eyebrows, a serum is still important to maintain that shape over time. “As we get older, our eyebrows grow and our eyesight deteriorates. So, everyone benefits from a serum, not just those who need to enlarge their skinny 90s arches, ”Healy explains.

When it comes to choosing a brow serum, you should look for something natural, yet effective. Some products that are very simple, such as castor oil, will hydrate the eyebrows but do not always show significant results in the growth of eyebrow hair.

Other options may contain hormones or potent ingredients that can cause unwanted side effects: “These can cause eyebrows to grow faster, but then, their side effects such as drooping, darkening of the skin around the eyes and changes in the color of the iris,” explains Healy.

Something secure, with strong data to support its functionality, is a good bet. Healy’s protagonist material: Peptides. “A peptide-based growth serum is best because it is the safest, most natural and most effective ingredient,” says Healy.

With all of this in mind, Healy has created her own Brow Serum that tests all of these boxes and more. You can buy serum here.

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