How to take a collagen supplement to soften hair *

But MBG’s collagen powder contains biotin, an essential B-vitamin needed daily that supports healthy hair because it is involved in the production of keratin, the main structural protein component of hair. *

Although more vigorous research is needed on biotin and hair, a small study in women has suggested that biotin supplements (as part of a multi-ingredient supplement with bioactives such as vitamin C, zinc, horsetail, and more) should be used for hair growth. Those who have been given a placebo. *

In MBG’s unique multi-ingredient collagen blend, you’ll also find hyaluronic acid, which can help your skin’s natural hydration; Let’s not forget that your scalp is your skin, and oral forms of HA can help improve skin moisture levels. *

So, yes, collagen (besides some other key nutrients and active) and research around hair is promising, but we can’t ignore the power of story experience. Many buyers have noticed significant improvements in their locks, such as Sidney S., who shared that “[her] Hair looks thick and shiny “* after taking beauty and intestinal collagen +. Another MBG collagen fan, Penelope, specifically speaking of a silky texture:” I also noticed that my hair felt soft (even my husband noticed), and My nails are stronger. I love this product! “* He wrote.

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