How to use it, how much + more

Personal lubricant, often called lube, is a liquid or gel that is used to reduce friction between body parts or any part of your body during sexual play and is a sex toy. In addition to reducing friction, the intruder can increase lube pleasure and reduce pain or discomfort while having sex, masturbating or playing with sex toys. Whether you engage in sexual activity with a partner or alone, the lube often lubricates you and keeps your vaginal or anal tissue soft, creating a more satisfying experience overall.

Importantly, using the lube does not mean that your body is not working as it should. Of course, the vagina naturally creates its own lubrication, but there are Tons Factors that contribute to lower than normal production or situations where you will benefit by adding more. For example, the side effects of menopause, aging, metabolism, hormonal changes, birth control, and other medications have the potential to affect your body’s natural lubrication levels and increase vaginal dryness.

“Although lubricants are produced in the normal vagina during arousal, people who menstruate often find that this amount of lubricant is insufficient to make sex as enjoyable as possible,” shared Jess Barra, a nurse practitioner at FNP, Sex and Wellness Site Favor.

Even if you already have plenty of natural lubrication during arousal, you may want to keep some lube close at hand anyway – you’ll be amazed at how much more pleasure it can add to sex.

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