How to use Super Moon in Scorpio

Given that this moon is going to emphasize the need to leave our luggage, and we’re in the back of Mercury, Fried recommends writing old, limited stories that will no longer serve you and burn them out.

“With each story, bless them for the lessons you’ve learned from them – because everything that happens to us, we can be gifted with three things: knowledge, strength and inspiration,” he tells mbg. “Write down painful experiences. Write down painful memories. And write down the things you still hold against yourself. Burn them on fire and bless them for the way they have served you.”

From there, Fried says the most important thing you can do with a full lunar eclipse is write a current announcement. Ask yourself what you’re committed to now – it doesn’t have to be complicated. Just make sure the words are positive and empowering, she says. For example, What I am committed to now is a life of transformative serviceNo, I don’t want to break up anymore.

“So the first part is to clean and the second part is purpose. And then since it is in Scorpio, which is a sign of water, I really want to finish any kind of ritual with bath or shower, where you allow yourself. Clean and renew, “Fred advises.

And last but not least, he further mentioned that there may be urges to act emotionally or be reckless around this moon, but this is not the right time for him. “Reckless behavior or extreme behavior is bad advice,” he warns.

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