How to work with the power of the June new moon in cancer

The new moon of June in Cancer will land in the sky on this 26th Tuesday, EST at 11pm. We certainly won’t be able to see it, since the moon sits in full shadow when it’s new – but that doesn’t mean we won’t feel the effects.

And for this special new moon, cancer themes will be a priority, from family relationships to your place at home. And however, cancer has already been ruled by the moon, so you can consider it a double dose of lunar energy.

In terms of what this moon can gain from us, the sensitive sign of the crab tells us to dig deeper and ask ourselves what really makes us feel safe, secure and comfortable. And with Jupiter (the planet of fortune and expansion) being the square of the Moon in Aries, the urge to correct those areas may seem, well, urgent.

Not to mention, Mars, the planet of aggression and action, the planet of rebirth will square Pluto, so don’t be surprised if this new moon seems more intense than the others. Pluto has a skill that looks long in our mirror and Mars will then want to do something about it.

After all, the new moon is a time to start fresh and plant seeds — just make sure you don’t get caught up in the sensitivity of cancer, if things start to seem overwhelming. There is no harm (or shame) in taking it easy in this new moon and Cancer in general.

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