How your birth chart can help you unlock your creativity

The planets and signs associated with creativity are Neptune, Venus and the Sun, and Leo, Pisces and Cotton (and occasionally Taurus). The fifth (strongly), twelfth (medium) and seventh (sometimes) cells are also associated with creativity.

The third house is associated with the ability to write and sing, especially if there are planets. Those who are naturally creative or artistically gifted usually have Venus (next to the sun / moon / node, or in the corner of the chart) and the planet or northern node in the fifth (and possibly seventh or 12th) house. . Pisces, Leo, Cotton and sometimes multiple planets in Taurus can do it.

Neptune in a prominent position can make someone imaginative, albeit potentially dreamy and chaotic. A more favorable (Trin, Sextile) connection from Neptune to Mars or Saturn results in more creative output. If Saturn makes a challenging connection (connection, opposition, square) with Venus or Neptune, it hinders creativity (and expression, especially if the connector or square is Jupiter).

However, all these placements are consistent with one’s destiny. If someone’s Saturn seems to diminish their creativity (or expression), they have a spirit of learning to take responsibility, to work towards specific goals, and to communicate things rationally.

Like Revelation, there are times and periods when all people are more creatively inspired and these times are related to the transit involved Venus and Neptune.

I have loved the idea of ​​music for a long time — I call myself “The Astro Muse”. Muse Hall is, in essence, a mythical form of inspirational power. For many years, I thought of a “muse figure”, or inspirational moment, a semi-random event that could possibly be encouraged by creative exercise, ritual, and openness. Perhaps there is some truth in this, but I was blown away when I looked back at my astrological charts when I was in the period of artistic creation and realized that they are significantly related to the fifth house transit, Venus transit and Neptune transit.

Progressive moons make a particularly magical time by making connections with birth or by moving Neptune (or Venus) and Venus (or Neptune or Progressive Moon) into the fifth house. Other signs that the North Node moved to the fifth house (and less so, the 12th house) or formed a combination with the born Venus are close to the magic.

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