Kjaer Weis Friends & Family Sale 2022: 5 Editor-Approved Deals

Stick through any of our beauty editors’ make-up bags, and you’ll probably find a ruby ​​red package from a range of nontoxic eyeliner, natural sunscreen and clean foundation. Luxury packaging is a signature of Clean Beauty brand Kjaer Weis, responsible for some of our favorite natural beauty products, such as Balam which keeps the eyes “awake and awake”.

There’s a lot to love about Kjaer Weis: an emphasis on organic ingredients, a push for refillable packaging and, most importantly, formulas that actually meet their demands. But like any brand built around the word luxury, Kjaer Weis matches the price. While the quality of the brand is well worth the price, we’re thrilled to announce that you don’t have to spend cash right now — and all thanks to Kjaer Weis Friends & Family Sale.

Sales launched today, offering a rare opportunity for intelligent buyers to get a 25% discount Each single product. This is an epic opportunity to save about $ 30 on the brand’s best-selling beautiful facial oil or snatch the luminizing primer at the lowest price of all time.

And when we say nothing is omitted, we mean it. Even Emma Watson-approved picks, such as Creamy Radiance Highlighter and Volumeizing Mascara, have been identified as part of the sitewide sale.

Of course, that’s not all good news. The deals expire on May 28 and these unbeatable prices carry with them. To help speed up your shopping, mbg’s beauty team has compiled a neat list of products to add to your cart থাক keep scrolling to find the perfect match.

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