Lean to rest this week

Instead of seeing something as broken and needed to be fixed, do you see it as an opportunity to expand, enjoy, or gain access to more personal power? It’s a change of general mindset that can make a huge difference.

I know when I see a relationship that I wish was different as a big problem, I have a hard time focusing on what I can do to change something for my greater fulfillment from focusing on what I hate about it. I’m not advising you to pretend that there are no problems, but to move on to the notion that there are exciting possibilities that you don’t see.

When I talk to a client who is feeling discouraged about something in their life that they want to be different from, I often ask them “what does it take” or “what else is possible here?” I say try to use questions that start with. For example, from “I hate how much I’m stuck in my job” to “What does it take to feel full now?” Switching from Or, “What else is there that I don’t see?” Usually my client will feel a heart-opening, or feeling of generosity and lightness.

If you don’t have a problem with your job or relationship, you may feel an urge to examine them in depth this week. And that’s great! Some questions that may come your way: How can I extend? How would I feel if I started thinking one year, five years out? How does it feel to me when I think of making myself more or adding more to my life?

This test can be just about adding hobbies to make you feel more fulfilling, or more ways for your family to have fun in a different structure this summer than in your past. It can bleed for the rest of the month, so don’t think that you have to push yourself to come up with an answer right now.

In fact in my podcast, Magic Monday, this week I pulled the “observation” card from Oracle Deck’s Wisdom. So, before you start implementing any new framework, you may want to spend this week just observing and observing what is good and what is not.

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