Meaning, why they happen and what to do

As mentioned above, nightmares are often very lively because they are very emotionally charged. Although Alice notes, we can also have very positive vivid dreams. Lucid dreamers, for example, can use their clarity in dreams to master skills, to flex their creativity and to explore their subconscious-and it will all be very lively, because of that obvious condition.

And of course, the nightmare you had was probably quite vivid and you would probably think it was a “bad” dream. Although, according to Ellis, Laz, and Loenberg, it is always better to think about your dreams as a messenger than to be good or bad.

“If your dreams are intense and annoying, I always advise you to pay attention to them, because they are definitely trying to get your attention,” Laz added, adding that “dreams help us to be alert to what is happening beneath the surface of our consciousness.” The mind, and through these stories, we can later reflect and bring unconscious material and make it conscious – which can help us feel better. “

In fact, Loenberg says, the more boring and intense the dream, the more important the message. “Dreaming is a conversation with yourself – a subconscious response to your current situation, behavior, goals, struggles and relationships. So a disturbing, vivid dream is like sending you a strong message of concern,” he explains.

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